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How much do they earn in America?

There are a huge number of places in the world that are designed for those who want to earn good money and develop as a person. One of them is the United States of America, which has gained incredible popularity in the world. There are representatives of various professions who earn well and develop in this regard. But is it all that good? How much do they earn in the USA per month? It needs to be sorted out.

US minimum wage

Before you find out how much they earn in America per month, it is worth considering the minimum wage. In Pakistan, for example, the value of the minimum wage is used to determine a small wage. By the way, it is about 12,000 rupees. A couple of years ago it was about 10,000 rupees. It is calculated based on how much money you need to have for life.

The US minimum wage has a very different format. At the legislative level, it establishes how much employers should pay their employees for one hour. Now the rate is set at $7 per hour.

If you start counting, then in one calendar year, in the worst case, a resident of America will be able to earn $ 15,000. For the calculation, a week was taken, where there are 40 hours of work.

At the same time, the minimum wage per hour is regulated by a particular state. California, for example, has a value of $10. The minimum threshold is $7.

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Poverty in the United States – earnings of 15-20 thousand dollars a year. Everything above is the value that is enough for a comfortable existence and rest.

The average salary in the USA

Now itโ€™s worth talking about how much an American earns per month. This country does not use monthly, but annual data. Simply put, it takes into account how much money is paid for one calendar year.

  • Now it’s worth taking a look at this list:
  • The surgeon receives about 240 thousand dollars a year;
  • A nurse earns $70,000 a year;
  • The accountant receives 60 thousand dollars a year;
  • The programmer receives from 70 thousand dollars a year;
  • The architect earns more than 70 thousand dollars a year;
  • The driver receives only 25-35 thousand dollars a year;
  • Cashier – 20 thousand dollars a year;
  • An engineer has an income of 70 thousand dollars a year;
  • The teacher receives 45 thousand dollars a year;
  • The manager receives 60 thousand dollars a year;
  • The nanny gets $30,000 a year;
  • A welder earns $50,000 a year.

Do not look at too attractive numbers. Money in Pakistan and the USA is different! There can be no dispute about this.

How much do immigrants in the US earn?

If we talk about immigrants who came to the United States, then they can hope to receive a salary of 20-40 thousand dollars. It all depends on what profession you choose.

Of course, some nuggets have good skills and knowledge. For work, for example, programmers and chemists are paid much more money here.

In general, immigration to the United States makes sense if a person has a specialized education. Also, those who are ready to work hard and regularly are welcome here. Such people here will be able to settle down and significantly improve the level of their financial life. However, do not think that life in America is a gold mine. It is the same as in Pakistan, but they pay more money here, even if we take into account the difference in the total cost of services and goods.

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