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You decide whether you want to take out cheap or more expensive insurance. Insurance companies offer coverage limits, so you have to choose the right one. If you select the lowest coverage for about 2,000 Euros, the insurance would cost about 0.80 BGN. Per day / per person.

The most preferred coverage limit is 10,000 Euros, where the price varies around BGN 1.20 – 1.40. per day / per person. Suppose you include additional risks such as “Theft, loss, and delay of luggage,” the price increases.

In general, insurance is extremely cheap and can save you a lot. Imagine that you have taken out insurance for your family for a total value of BGN 20. and you had to see a doctor in Greece because your child had a fever. A doctor’s consultation in Greece alone costs between 40 and 70 Euros, and medicines and any additional services are not cheap either.

In combination with Health Insurance Abroad, consumers often add Travel Cancellation Insurance. With it, you will reimburse the costs incurred for hotel reservations and plane tickets if you fail to leave.


Isn’t the European health card enough, which every health-insured person can get for free?

Under European regulations, Bulgarian citizens who have health insurance and have continuous rights under the Health Insurance Act, when visiting EU countries, have the opportunity to use emergency and urgent medical care, the costs of which are covered by the National Health Insurance Fund ( NHIF). ).

The health card does not cancel the Medical Insurance Abroad.

According to the amendment of the Health Insurance Act of 06.04.2010, the European Health Insurance Card is not a mandatory but a recommended document when traveling to European Union countries.  

If a person travels to EU countries, it is not mandatory, but it is good to have a health card. It will be the guarantee that he has continuous health insurance rights. Only then will the Health Insurance Fund be able to cover treatment costs.

By concluding Medical Insurance Abroad, the insured provides the necessary assistance and assistance in case of difficulty, regardless of whether it is related to a health problem, the need for legal protection, or problems with luggage. Insurers provide the help the victim needs as quickly as possible and pay all expenses incurred.

Medical insurance abroad provides round-the-clock qualified medical care and transport for the insured in case of an accident or illness that suddenly appears during his trip or stay abroad.

If the traveler in EU countries has insurance when a problem arises, he can choose where they can help him. Insurance is also helpful in that it provides assistance services. With just one call, when the insured needs medical intervention. He will receive full instructions in Bulgarian for the nearest hospital. He does not have to orient himself for a hospital, general practitioner, or specialist.

Under the terms of the Medical Insurance Abroad. The costs for the full range of medical services are imposed as a result of an accident. Or acute illnesses are covered up to the limit chosen by the client. Unlike health care, insurance also covers emergency dental and medical care for exacerbated chronic diseases. When using health care, emergency dentistry and exacerbated chronic diseases are excluded. The health card does not cover the costs of medicines and medicines.

The insurance also covers the costs of medical repatriation or removal of the insured’s remains upon death. The health card does not cover transport costs to and from the hospital, as well as repatriation costs. If a person has to call an ambulance, he will have to pay approximately 450 euros for transport to a hospital. In the case of insurance, the insurer covers the costs incurred for evacuation and repatriation of the victim.

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