How Smart School ERP makes school functioning easy?

School management is a stretching task to do. As it is like teamwork, managing every single entity is crucial. All stakeholders of the school system like parents, teachers, staff, and students altogether make the school functional. As each of these stakeholders has different needs, the scope of their functionality is different but interdependent. The school management needs to come up with an efficient way of working that will bind all these entities together yet be functional.

school ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system is crafted such that it understands the uniqueness yet dependency of profiles. It caters to the diverse needs of school management. Implementing an ERP system is overwhelming in its initial phase for everyone. But when the school administration takes the initiative, the journey becomes easy. Let us go through the journey step by step.

What is a school ERP system?

school ERP system is a software that is designed specifically for managing and streamlining school administration tasks in a more efficient way. As ERP includes various applications or tools working together seamlessly to connect different departments to avail a common platform. The ERP software includes core module as admissions, fee management, HR and admin, classroom management, and exam management along with premium modules like transport management, event management, and facilities management.  The school can opt for the modules as per the requirements.

What are the functionalities of a school ERP software?

As school ERP software is intended to manage the day-to-day activities of every stakeholder, that reduced workload will make the entire system more productive. The smart features of school ERP software set the school as an example. With the help of a smart school ERP system, the school management is a breath easy task:


ERP systems are designed to do work for you. It effectively accomplishes tasks that are monotonous in nature. School ERP works best in fee collection, attendance management, and payroll processing. The manual intervention in these processes may introduce errors and faults. So, the automation of important processes is one of the important functionalities of school ERP. It not only makes the school processes accurate but also saves the time required to complete the processes.


School management deals with the processing of different activities. When the ERP system is integrated with other software or tools, the result is outstanding. For example, if the school ERP is integrated with the vehicle tracking system, parents are aware of their ward’s whereabouts through a notification message. As integration is communication between two software, the smooth processing of data from both software will give the desired results.


Can’t even imagine a situation when exam papers are leaked or results have been tampered with! The school may bear the worse impact as there is a question of security concerns. When school management adopts the digitalized process, the cloud-based ERP will store your information securely. Although the parents, students, teachers, and staff use a common platform for their daily work, role-based access allows only authentic and authorized data for access. As school records are sensitive data about students, parents, staff, and academics, the software provides a secure layer around it.

Go for digital learning

As students are of the modern age, there is no wonder if they expect their school also to be digital. Not only the administration and other management, but the center of the schooling system that is learning also should be digital. Virtual classes, e-books, and online exams are the new way of getting an education. Students will get several benefits from this concept like they don’t need to carry heavy school bags, can attend lectures from anywhere, can take the multiple revisions of a complex concept, and many others. The school ERP software will send the timetable, exam schedule, and even results to the students’ registered numbers.

What are the benefits offered by the school ERP that makes functioning easy?

School ERP has everything required to run a school smoothly and efficiently. It is full of useful features that will make the school functioning a cakewalk:

Reduction in workload

School ERP reduces the workload of the school staff with the automation process of daily working so that they can engage themselves in more fruitful activities. As the software has resource-efficient features, there can be approx.40% decrease in workforce.

Effective communication

As School ERP is a common platform accessed by all prime entities of a school, there is no communication gap among them. Student-teacher, parent-teacher, and parent-admin communication is effective and instant with the help of school ERP. Also, the automated processes send instant notifications to the parent’s mobile number or email, all are on the same page.

Effective decision making

School management needs massive data for analysis before any decision-making. As any decision impacts a wide campus, they need to take it instantly and effectively. As the school ERP software is an integrated reporting tool, it generates administrative reports in bulk. This will help the decision-makers to make it quick but based on comprehensive data.

The smart school ERP is designed such that it will make the processes involved resource, time, and energy efficient turning the school smarter!

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