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How The Devil Was Born?

Lucifer Satan are you mine? Darren Farley one of the demon slayer hashira names wears many names but just how did this being of ultimate evil come to be throughout history and cultures. Evil entities have always been blamed for various tragedies that befell humanity. 

In ancient Greek mythology, there were various entities that could perform or inspire evil deeds but the Greek gods themselves are often so cruel with the spiritual weapon 5e.

There was a little need for a centralized evil figure eighties. Maybe the figure is the best representative of a traditional devil but compared to the shenanigans of the other gods. 

The eighties often come off as a choir boy under the yoke of gods who were as capricious, petty selfish, arrogant, and jealous as children. 


The ancient Greeks could have been said to suffer under many devils. Buddhism is one of the few non-Abraham religions that has a figure similar to what we closely associate as the devil in our modern culture.

Buddhism, the demon Mara directly opposes the Buddhist quest for enlightenment. In one version of events,

he senses 3 daughters’ attraction of version in dilution to strip in front of the meditating Buddha In order to tempt him away from his studies.

 However, swept them away from his presence ignoring the temptation and continuing to pursue his personal enlightenment.

Mara is the guardian of passion and uses his powers of lust, hesitation, and fear. In order to lead would be boosted by straying off the path.


 If you’ve ever felt afraid of doing the right thing hesitating to act when you know you should or cheating on a significant other with another person.

Then he felt the powerful tool of Mara in your own life, unlike the traditional Abraham, make a devil.

However, Morrow does eventually repent of the saints and convert to Buddhism.

This occurs when the Buddhist monk Gupta journeys to the ancient. Indian can give them a thorough to preach the path of enlightenment finding great success amongst the population.

 Mars palace began to tremble and he was quick to take his revenge by attacking the dharma or the Buddhist teachings directly in order to seek out the source of the disturbance.

Supergroup this slips into a meditative trance known as a somebody with the monk helpless before him. Mara slips a fine jade necklace over his neck and attempts to tempt them up with vanity but we got the thing gathers. 

3 corpses of a man, a dog, and a snake, and transforms into beautiful garlic.

Approaching the bar the monk offers in the beautiful garland is a thank you joking for the jade necklace reveling in the destruction of the monk’s piety with this precious gift of jade.

Mara probably extends his neck and receives the garlic only to have it instantly transformed back into 3 rotting corpses angered,

and disgusted Mara fled to the have it’s seeking anyone who could help them remove the rotting corpses from around his neck in desperation.

Mara approaches Bramha

 He approaches Brahma himself. One of the principal Davies of Buddhism banks in to remove the necklace.

Brahma suggests that bar a return to earth in bags for the forgiveness of the monk.

who had cursed Mara just returned stupid Gupta and threw himself amongst the other group that asks if you would turn from his evil ways and cease to attack the dharma.

To which Mar eagerly agreed and then began to repent for as many sets. Thus Mara was converted from his evil ways to the path of enlightenment early.

Hindus believe there is no one figure or group of figures responsible for evil rather evil simply exists in the world as part of a natural cycle of life.

As the Hindu faith was involved however blame for evil was assigned to teammates both demons and gods made a choice to speak either truth or untruth.

With the gods choosing to speak on the truth and the demons choosing to speak all the untruths. 

Concept of the devil Dudu Abraham 

Well, we may be best familiar with the concept of the devil Dudu Abraham at religions the devil as a singular entity of ultimate evil is believed to actually be the influence of Zoroastrianism on early Judaism,

and Zoroastrianism. Good and evil are not part of the same coin but rather are 2 completely opposite separate forces.

 Better forever in conflict with each other the force of god is called her a monster,

in the force of evil or destructive spirit, is known as Angra Mainyu or are you not neither of these 2 forces is all-powerful meeting.

One cannot outright control or defeat the other but good and evil are also not equal good is free of the bonds of time and space.

What evil is constrained by both time and space dust when the world ends in time and space or is dissolved evil will die along with the old word leaving. 


Only good terrain for after the concert the 2 separate powerful entities vying for the fate of the world is believed to have influenced early Judaism prompting belief in the devil,

who is powerful yet not as powerful as God himself would alternately women rule supreme in early Judaism.

Though there was no belief in an actual devil yeah away rule supreme and for a long time,

St in Judaism was not so much an individual as he was a natural inclination by people to do wrong translated as opponent or adversary.

Satan was the sinful impulse or general force that prevent human beings from doing good.

There was no central figure who committed these forces and no tempter that played on human frailty to lure people into an evil battle with Satan in Judaism. 

It is a battle with yourself and your proclivity to be lustful selfish lazy, Cetera.

Sometimes though the name Satan is used to reference an accusatory or prosecutorial figure who’s actually also on god’s side not opposed to it.

Typically this is an angel which is allowed to act in a way that is adversarial to god’s people in order to help them bridge they’re of moral weakness or strength in their character and faith.

Perhaps the best-known example of this is in the book of Joe.


 Joe was one of the wealthiest men in the land of us where he lives with his large family and many flocks described as a righteous man who strives to do good and avoid doing evil jobs.

He is blessed with a large family and much wealth however state approaches god one day and god boasts a statement about how good and faithful.

His servant job is safe however points out that it’s easy to be good and faithful when you’re living such a good life.

So he challenges god take away jobs’ fortunes and he’ll surely curse your name with that god grants to the state and power over jobs life yet forbids him from actually killing joke.

Just one-day state kills all of their job’s livestock 10 of his children and all his servant’s jobs not just financially destitute but has lost nearly all of his family. 

He shaves his head in tears as close to the morning and then settles into the dust of his home,

where he lays as 3 of his friends visit him and try to find the source of his damnation comfort that it must be some secret Santa jobs life that brought this contest.

He down on it during the course of his ordeal Joe defends his character against his friends and reduces his wife who suggests that he curse God and die as Joe refuses to blame God for his misfortune.

Satan strikes

 Satan strikes with all manner of illnesses further adding to his misery well Joe expresses frustration with god. He still refuses to blame God for his woes pointing out that God had opened till then to give him a long happy life.

So he had the right to take it away job’s friends continue to harass him all of them confident in their self-righteousness.

That job clearly must’ve been harboring some secret set or this evil with the befalling him. That last got appears before the group as a whirling Tempest and with a series of rhetorical questions shows the frustration.

 You open group just how little they understand creation or the nature of God in an act of humility job admits his limited knowledge which pleases god.

Though god remains upset with jobs friends who had 4 days tried to pressure G. open to admit his suffering was his own fault.

Joe, however, asks God to forgive his friends which pleases god once more and god forgives the friends while restoring to joke twice as much wealth as he had before along with new children,

and an extremely long happy life while Christians have turned the statement of the book of the job into an individual entity diametrically opposed to god the ancient Jews understood the statement of Joe.

 based merely on an actor in god’s heavenly court.

Furthermore, scriptural literalists believe the book of job to be a real story. It’s widely acknowledged that the story was clearly a poetic exploration of deep theological questions in Islam itself an offshoot of Judaism.


 God created Adam the first human and then ordered all of the angels to prostrate themselves before Adam signifying that man with his free will and ability to choose was the superior being.

all of the angels prostrate themselves except for one a bliss or shaped out of pride claims that he was superior to a mere mortal for his bride.

Got cast the list out of heaven into hell but not before granting utilizes request that he be allowed to leave mortals stressed knowing that temptation would challenge instructed,

his people god gave people permission to attempt to sway humans to evil both good and evil are created. 

God in Islam as useless was after god’s own creation god’s will however is always good even when it doesn’t seem like it does evil in the world is simply part of god’s plan,

an argument could be made that the Holocaust couldn’t possibly be anything but mindless evil until 1 considers the resolute determination of modern nations.

Today to never again repeat such a horrific atrocity in this example the evil of the Holocaust was still god’s will as he created,

a future good that the victims of the Holocaust may not have seen but which would potentially save many more future lives in Islam.

Trust God

 There’s a strong emphasis on resisting evil believing it always be a test from God when a believer is the victim of evil. It’s their chance to prove that they trust god even if they cannot see the benefit or meaning to their suffering.

Islam’s evil list differs from Christianity not only in origin but also in purpose and power Christians believe that Satan rebelled against god directly in Islam illus rebelled against humanity. 

Also if this plays a much lesser rolled than Satan does in Christianity where he’s the architect of all evil instead he lists is reduced to a tempter not capable of anything more than merely,

whispering temptations in the years of believers and unbelievers alike finally we get to the best-known version of the devil in modern culture.

 In the Christian state 

In Christianity, Satan is evil incarnate and at the perpetual logs against god because he’s unable to hurt god directly.

He instead targets what god loves most humanity does he attempts to leave humans astray,

or bring about great calamities in evil while you’ve likely heard the term Lucifer. Being used to describe the devil.

The truth is that this is a misunderstanding of the use of the term and I see a 1412 meaning,

bringer of light the name Lucifer is believed by many to be Satan’s angelic name.

Before his fall but is in fact a reference to a Babylonian king most of what we know about the Christian devil comes from the book of revelation apocalyptic writings that are believed to be heavenly,

revelations to mankind on the behind the scenes working of heaven,

and hell as well as what the end of days will entail here we learn a. 

A war that breaks out and has it though the motives are rather vague,

and unclear many reasons have been attributed to this war with most accepting that it was Satan’s pride,

that led him to convince a third of the angelic host to try and overthrow god interestingly though many Christians

Second Earth

Except that a third of the angels follow Satan’s lead this is only because of a reference to a third of the stars being cast down by a great Drake in a few verses before the mention of heavenly war.

There’s no reason to believe that a third of the angelic host a joint statement rebelling against god for all we know it could have been saved and then 2 of his best friends,

or say that 99 percent of the angels all we know is that the archangel Michael and his own angels triumph over Satan’s forces and cast them out. 

It saves also believed to be the serpent that tempted to eat as well as the accuser who brought Joe blow but again there’s no specific reason to believe even with the Old Testament texts themselves.

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