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How to Backup and Restore OST File to Mac Mail on Mac?

Directly Backup and Restore OST File to Mac Mail in Few Seconds

Wondering how to backup and restore OST file to Mac Mail on Mac? If yes, then keep reading the article as here we have mentioned all-rounder OST Converter for Mac solution that directly backup and restore OST file to Mac Mail on Mac with mails and attachments.

OST file is an Offline Storage Table that is created offline when Outlook is not connected with Exchange Server. The OST file contains the database of entire user account items such as emails, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks. And, it is a file format which is created on Windows and only Windows users will have the accessibility to open it. It will become a challenge when Mac users open it. Because the file is dependent on Windows Outlook and it will not allow any other email app to access its data. Even, if a Mac user opens it on Outlook for Mac, then also an error will occur.

Moreover, not everybody uses Outlook on Mac. There are many email applications that users make use of for daily management activities. And, Apple Mail is an email client which is quite popular among Mac users. It is a most used email program that comes as a default in Mac OS X. That is why many corporate and individuals are utilizing it because it is very easy to configure and use.

But, what’s most important is why users want to backup OST file to Mac Mail email client. The reason is quite simple. Many times people receive data from Windows users that does not work on Mac. Due to this, they start looking for some techniques which could help them in accessing Windows files on macOS X. Similarly, OST will never open in Apple Mail because it is an email client that only supports MBOX file format. So, in order to backup OST data to Mac Mail, users need to convert OST to MBOX.

How to Backup and Restore OST File to Mac Mail on Mac?

OST Converter for Mac is a solution which is secure and reliable. It allows backup multiple OST files to Apple Mail on Mac at once. Not only this, the tool is tested and guarantees accurate data in minimum time. The application is not difficult to use and users with professional and non-professional knowledge can effortlessly make use of the tool to restore OST file into Mac Mail. Moreover, the process will end after implementing three easy steps. And the output data that a user receives after the process will be 100% accurate and precise.

The software is programmed with the features that are desirable and allow users to save the resultant data as per requirements. However, the tool also comes with a freeware version and downloading it will help users experiencing the complete software steps and options for free.

Steps to Backup OST File to Mac Mail on Mac

Step 1. Download and open OST Backup and Restore Tool on Mac.

Step 2. Upload OST mailbox files using Add Files and Add Folder buttons and click the Next button.


Step 3. OST mailbox items will be listed and each will display with a checkbox. The use of a checkbox is to backup selective OST files to Mac Mail MBOX format for free. Click Next.


Step 4. From a Select Saving Option menu, choose MBOX format.


Step 5. Click Browse button and choose the destination path to save resultant file. When done, click on Export.

Step 6. Now, you can see Live OST to Mac Mail Backup Process.


After the end of the process, users will get a notification that will show “Conversion Completed” message on the screen. Now, import MBOX file to Apple Mail account.

Steps to Import MBOX Files into Apple Mail Account on Mac

Step 1. Open Apple Mail and go to File >> Select Import Mailboxes.

Step 2. An Import window will appear. Choose the option “Files in .mbox format”>> Click Continue.

Step 3. Now, go to the location where you have saved MBOX file. And, then click Choose.

Step 4. Import process will now start and in few seconds it will transfer the resultant MBOX files in the same.

Step 5. After import procedure completes, users will receive a message on their screen. Finish the process by clicking Done.

Step 6. Now, you can cross-check the file by navigating to the left pane of Apple Mail account. Under On My Mac, you will see a new folder added and the name will be same.

Step 7. Click on the new listed folder and its entire email files will be listed.


The blog has discussed the direct method to backup and restore OST files to Mac Mail on macOS. The OST to MBOX Converter for Mac is a recommended tool and it has been programmed for those who wants to save their time by restoring unlimited OST files to Mac Mail in a single time. The procedure of implementing the process is quite short and will be able to provide the required result without data loss. So, download the software trial edition now and check its working by taking backup of first 25 OST files to Mac Mail free of cost.

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