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How to Choose an OTG Oven? A Complete Guide

It is not difficult to choose the right OTG oven (Oven Toaster Grill). There are only a few things you need to consider.

The OTG size and the type of food you want to bake are key factors in choosing the right oven. This guide will help you by providing knowledge on how choose an OTG oven.

Dimensions for OTG

OTG Oven 5

Check the dimensions of the OTG oven you are interested in purchasing. Is there enough space in your kitchen to accommodate the OTG oven? OTG wall mount stands or racks are options if there is not enough space.

OTG Warranty

A longer warranty is better for products, so opt for OTGs with a longer warranty. Please carefully read the installation and warranty details as well as refunds and replacement policies.

OTG glossary

These are some of the terms that are commonly used in OTG product descriptions. Knowing the meaning of terms can help you to know what is in the package.


_ OTG Oven 2

You must turn on the OTG to heat it before you can cook with it. It usually takes around 15 minutes to heat up the OTG and make it ready for cooking.

Preheat is the process of heating it by hatefully making someone angry. A shorter preheat time is better. If your oven’s preheat time is 20 minutes, you will need to wait 20 minutes before you can cook any food.

Wire rack

Grilling is a good option for a few items, such as tikka or marination. The heat should reach all sides. This is where the wire rack is ideal.

The wire rack is all you need to place the tikka in the oven. You can place extra marinade and juices on the tray below (called the crumb tray).

Crumb tray

_OTG Oven 1

Crumbs can be described as the small, powdery pieces that you get from breaking down bread or biscuits. There may be extra ingredients, extra marination or juices that are too strong to cook in OTG.

It’s great to have an extra tray to capture those items, so you don’t have to clean out the OTG chamber. This tray is also known as a crumb tray. This was a major aspect on how choose an OTG oven.


Tons of denticles or tons are needed to move the baking tray or crumbs plate. Both of these trays can be very hot. These trays are a good substitute for gloves.


It’s simple logic. This is how you determine how long it takes to cook. This is what the timer does. The timer allows you to set the cooking time.

Once the operation is completed, the cooking will stop. If you want to know about such amazing features, there are many models available. You can read is Agaro OTG good to know more about them.

Auto Cook Menu

_OTG Oven 3

You must set the timer and power before you can cook in OTG. It would be much more convenient if I could specify the type of dish, and OTG would automatically determine the power wattage, time and duration.

This is an Auto cook menu feature. The Auto cook menu features a pre-configured set with dishes. All you need to do is select the type of dish, power, and time.


The OTG will cook faster if it has a higher output wattage.

OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) is useful in:

A small OTG is a good choice if you are planning to make small cakes at home. However, a large OTG is a good choice for professionals.

You should be able to bake any size cake. You have a 6 Kg order, and you only have a small OTG. It will look exactly like the customer ordered.

It is always a good idea to have a large OTG size if you use your product in a professional manner. Once you opt for a model after knowing how choose an OTG oven, you can cook a lot with it.

Size guide for OTG

_OTG oven 4

OTG capacities range from 15 litres up to 60 litres. There are both small OTGs that weigh 15 litres and large OTGs that weigh 60 litres.

The family size will determine the right OTG capacity. For small families, OTG capacity is between 15 and 20 litres. OTG is appropriate for large families with 26 litres up to 60 litres of capacity.

There are no rules, but there are guidelines. If you want to bake a large cake, say 5 kg in size, it makes sense to buy a very large OTG. Below is a table that summarizes this information in a more useful way.

OTG vs Microwave oven

The most frequently asked question is, “Should we buy an OTG or microwave oven?” If you need to quickly cook, bake, grill, toast and reheat food, then a convection microwave oven is the best choice.

Oven Toaster & Griller (OTG) is a good choice if you don’t want to reheat the food and you are a professional baker who needs a dedicated oven that can bake, grill and toast delicious bread.

OTG Rotisserie: Do you just want to bake or grill?

This is a crucial factor because it determines whether we can get rotisserie or no rotisserie. Rotisserie accessory is a grilling accessory.

This is a steel bar base that can be used to grill perfectly. Rotisserie is essential for grilling, paneering, and cooking meat.

  1. Do you need to heat an OTG before using it?

Preheating the oven is a good idea to ensure uniform cooking results. The type of oven you have will also affect the need to preheat.

  1. What makes an OTG different to a microwave oven?

A microwave oven cooks faster due to the microwave heating waves. An oven takes much longer. OTG ovens use less power than microwave ovens.

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Multifunctional OTG ovens are versatile and you can use them to bake, grill, or various roast dishes. It is important to evaluate its power consumption and capacity based on the intended use.

You should also inspect the accessories and functions for ease of use. You should also ensure that the oven has a timer so you can adjust the temperature quickly.

For security, it is recommended that you choose an oven with a stainless-steel body and cool-touch handles. We hope you find our list of India’s top OTG ovens helpful.

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