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How to Choose the Right Steam Iron?

If you want to be a gentlemen person, your clothes matter a lot, especially coats, pants, shirts, etc. However, how are they so plain? That’s the magic of a steam iron!

You can learn how to choose the right steam iron, and today, they come with a lot of features. They are more versatile & far better than those old dry irons.

Read more to know how to choose the right steam iron.

1. Design and build

Iron 1

Although most steam irons are made of plastic, the body can vary in size, shape and weight. A steam iron’s size is largely determined by its soleplate and other built-in features.

It is important to pay more attention to the size of the steam iron’s weight. If space is a constraining factor, however, the iron’s size and weight will be very important.

Your iron should not weigh more than 1.2 kilograms. A heavy iron can cause severe stress to your wrist and hand.

2. Consumption of power

The amount of power an iron consumes can have a significant impact on its performance. Higher wattage means better steam iron performance.

But remember that higher performance can come with high electricity bills. You should find the right balance between power wattage & performance.

3. Type of soleplate

Iron 2 There are only four types of soleplates available. There are four types of soleplates: ceramic, stainless steel, nonstick and aluminium.

Although neither one of these materials is perfect, you should be aware of the soleplates made from ceramic or stainless steel when buying a steamer iron.

4. Water tanks

This is an essential component of a steamer iron’s operation. A tank that is easy to fill and accessible is crucial for a steam iron.

To avoid overfilling, some models come with transparent water tanks. The water tank can also come in different sizes, just like all other variables in a steamer iron.

5. Temperature control

Most irons have a temperature dial or knob. Depending on the fabric, you can easily change between the available settings.

It is usually located at the bottom of the water tank. If you want such amazing features, we suggest you select a model from the best steam iron in India.

6. Types of steam iron

Iron 5

There are two types of steam irons: those with and without cords. The majority of cord-based steamers have a 360-degree swivel cable attached.

Those that don’t have one are charged with a base. This may not have an impact on the steam iron’s performance, but it is up to personal preference.

Steam irons can be carried around in a small bag. The steam iron is lighter than dry irons. When ironing different fabrics, it combines the best both of them. It is an excellent electrical home appliance.

Types of Iron Boxes in India

In India, there are three types of irons.

  • Dry iron
  • Steam irons
  • Travel irons

Dry iron

  • Good for fabrics like silk, delicate stuff
  • For thick clothing like jeans, cotton, and wool, it is not recommended.
  • Economical: Prices start at Rs. 600

Steam iron

  • Ironing can be a relaxing experience.
  • It is best for all clothes, as it can be used as either a dry or steam iron
  • It is quicker and more effective to remove wrinkles.
  • The price starts at Rs. 1,000

You can also use travel irons.

Compact irons make up the Travel Irons. The majority of Travel Irons come with a foldable handle and are dry irons. The Travel Irons come in a very small size. Travel irons are small in size, and foldable handles make them easy to carry around with you if you plan to iron while on the road. Travel Irons can be a great choice.

Types of Iron Soleplates in India

Iron 4

What is an Iron soleplate?

This is the most common question that people ask when buying an Iron. The iron’s face is the soleplate. It touches the clothing while ironing. These are the functions of Soleplates

  • It evenly distributes heat and steam while ironing
  • Smooth Ironing
  • Good soleplates prevent wrinkles from the clothes
  • Ironing is a memorable experience because a good soleplate glides easily over fabrics.

Types of soleplate

Knowing about the soleplates is another important cosideration on how to choose the right steam iron. There are generally three types of soleplates.

  • Aluminium soleplate
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Ceramic soleplate

You will see that stainless steel soleplate is another excellent type of iron, but they aren’t available in India. We will discuss in detail the differences between sole plates.

Note – Do you love sewing? You can sharpen your skills by reading how to sew leather perfectly.

Avoid soleplate irons made of aluminium

Iron 3

We don’t recommend using an Aluminium soleplate iron as they are slippery, scratch easily, and difficult to clean. Aluminium soleplate can become sticky over time and cause wrinkles on clothing.

Aluminium irons that are affordable are very popular. Here’s a quick summary of reasons why you should avoid Aluminium soleplates

  • Glides with friction
  • The Aluminium soleplate is difficult to clean
  • With buttons and hooks on clothes, the Aluminium soleplate is susceptible to being scratched easily.
  • Aluminium soleplate can be less durable and stickier after a while.
  • Iron soleplates can cause wrinkles in clothes.

We now have two options, ceramic soleplate or nonstick soleplate. Below are the details.

Nonstick soleplate

A nonstick soleplate is made of aluminium or metal plates with a nonstick coating. The non-stick coating protects against iron sticking to clothes and allows for smooth gliding.

Look for the keywords “Non-Stick Coated Plate” in the product description when searching for non-stick soleplates. For a better understanding, please see the image below.

Ceramic soleplate

Ceramic soleplate is a ceramic coating applied to Aluminium or metal plates. Also, ceramic is very efficient at heat and steam distribution.

Ceramic soleplate is the best material for ironing and gliding. Morphy Richards Super Glide steam iron is a well-known Ceramic soleplate iron. This screenshot will assist you in your search for the Ceramic soleplate iron. We hope this guide helped you by providing knowledge on how to choose the right steam iron.

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