How to clean industrial kitchens? Advice from professionals

While keeping your home clean is important, making sure your workplaces are spotless is essential. When considering particular jobs concerning nutrition, hygiene becomes a priority factor.

For this, you need to know how to clean industrial kitchens and make these particular environments perfect where professionals transform ingredients into delicacies.

Now let’s see step by step how to operate to have surfaces free of residues and microorganisms.

 HACCP and professional kitchen cleaning

Let’s start with the definition of HCCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This system concerns professional kitchens, i.e. those of restaurants, hotels, pubs, canteens, and the food industries.

Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces are one of the basic steps to be sure to serve customers’ products free of contamination and any bacteria that are harmful to health.

Detergents, degreasers, tools, and machinery must be used to ensure the total elimination of dirt and also the sanitization of the worktops, equipment, and places where food is stored.

To determine the quality of cleaning is certainly the training of the operators who deal with this activity, who must proceed with method and attention, always thinking about their very important role within companies that deal with food and drinks.

 Cleanliness of the restaurant kitchen: attention to every detail

Industrial kitchens are not like those at home; they have a lot of professional equipment (slicers, kettles, fryers, mixers, mixers) and are made largely of stainless steel.

When cleaning and sanitizing the industrial kitchen of a restaurant, particular attention must be paid to the less obvious places, but where residues of what is cooked accumulate. For example, it is necessary to carefully degrease the extractor hood, clean the grids, including the compartments where the grease drips, and the burners, sanitize work surfaces, refrigerators, cold rooms, and pantries.

Everything must be perfect in a professional kitchen, so you also need to clean the sinks, floors, coverings, and walls with suitable products.

To carry out a correct cleaning, it is necessary to:

  • Create a calendar
  • Divide the tasks
  • Ensure you have all the products and tools you need
  • Move mobile equipment
  • Clean every surface with the right product
  • Rinse if necessary
  • Dry everything
  • Reorder previously moved items
  • Check the work

They are certainly not quick and simple operations to perform. This is why entrepreneurs often prefer to entrust the cleaning and sanitization of industrial kitchens to external professionals.

The cleaning company for industrial kitchens

A company specializing in industrial cleaning knows how to plan the operations necessary to make the kitchen and the environments connected to it healthy and how to identify the right sanitizing products for the different surfaces.

Operators who take care of cleaning every day. We need to have an in-depth preparation regarding the rules to be respected.  Use systematic methods to be used, and the checks to be carried out.  So we can perform the work faster and more effectively than those who have to improvise in this profession. If you want to understand even better how to clean industrial kitchens, contact us 

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