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How to develop visibility for your medical website?

The creation of a website but also the promotion of it. Healthcare Marketing Agency is our medical communication agency, and today offer you some advice to improve the visibility of your medical website with simple methods that respect the medical code of ethics.

Natural referencing (SEO) what is?

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to all the techniques implemented to improve the position of your website on the various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

The objective of the SEO is to determine a request, i.e., one or more expressions that the Internet user will use, and then put in place a set of optimization actions—the goal: A medical website on the front page.

Here is an example: A dermatologist can use the following queries for referencing his medical website. An identified correct question will increase traffic to your medical website and the number of your patients.

All website traffic comes from organic searches. Healthcare Marketing Agency supports you in your SEO work.

Attention: SEO for the medical sector

You are aware that the medical sector is strictly regulated, and all communication and marketing actions are unsuitable for all medical professions.

Medicine should not be practiced as a business. Therefore, all natural or direct publicity processes are prohibited.

In conclusion, some health professionals cannot opt for so-called “paid” referencing (SEA). However, this communication technology makes it possible to promote its services on the Internet through advertising campaigns to be positioned quickly on the first page of search engines.

What strategies for health professionals?

As you will have understood, natural referencing (SEO) is, therefore, one of the authorized solutions and strategies for the medical sector. The advantages are many:

  • Increase its visibility;
  • Demonstrate its expertise and know-how;
  • Obtain new patients;
  • Reassure patients;
  • Stand out from competitors.

Your local SEO

To develop visibility and gain traffic for your medical website design, you must create your “Google My Business” listing. This step is essential, and you can provide Internet users with all the practical information concerning your activity. You will also be listed in Google Maps so that patients can find you more easily!

Here are a few tips for you. Here are the important elements to include:

  • Your contact details: address and telephone number;
  • Your opening hours;
  • Some photos of the interior and exterior of your practice;
  • Redirection link to your medical website.

According to a recent study, 86% of users research the location of a business before visiting it… the same goes for your doctor’s offices.

However, pay attention to your Google reviews. They are very important for your image and your firm’s reputation: take care of your services and do not hesitate to ask your patients to give you feedback online.

Your blog content

Of course, your blog content must contain your previously studied keywords. Marco, web developer at Healthcare Marketing Agency, advises you to integrate your main keyword at the beginning of the title to optimize your blog article.

Focus on the “meta description tag.” It corresponds to what will appear on Google in the search results. It aims to inform the user about the subject of your article. It is therefore important and relevant to write it carefully. Your mission will be to attract Internet users with only 155 characters, and of course, you will integrate your key expressions.

Also, think about the length of your content. It becomes an important visibility factor, so do not hesitate to go into detail to discover and inform about your activity. The articles that come out at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) often have more than 1000 terms. To boost your blog articles, share them on your social networks. The more interactions there will be (likes, shares, retweets), the more they will be visible on search engines. This will generate traffic to your medical website to retain and develop your patient base.

Our medical communication agency warns you about “content duplicity” beware, plagiarism is heavily penalized by search engines. Your content must be different from what already exists.

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