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How to Draw a Sad Girl Crying

How to draw a sad girl crying. Create an awesome Sad Girl Crying theme with easy step-by-step instructions and instructional videos. Ideal for children and beginners!

Despair has been defined as “passionate pain associated with … feelings of inferiority, loss, despair, sorrow, weakness, frustration and despair”. These are emotions that are everyone feels from time to time. Along with happiness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust, sadness is one of the six basic human emotions.

In art, sadness is represented chiefly through body language. Sagging shoulders, arms covering the face, or body bent in what is known as the “fetal position” are common signs of pain.

The 1672 sculpture titled Burial of Christ uses carved tears on the statue’s face to represent this feeling. Numerous famous photographs show wartime mourners.

Do you want to express deep feelings by depicting sadness in your projects? This simple step-by-step drawing tutorial can help you with that. All you require is a pencil or enclosure and a bit of a piece.

​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Sad Girl Crying

Step 1

sad girl crying 1

Use extended curved stripes to trace the top of the head and hair. Use lines of different lengths to create the strands of hair that run down the face and shoulders for the sad girl drawing. Each strand of hair should end in a sharp tip.

Step 2

Sketch the girl’s hand and hand. Use a series of parallel lines to describe her arm. Notice how the lines join at sharp angles to form the elbow bend. Close the edge of the sleeve and mark the folded material with short lines. Then, use two curved lines to connect the wrist to the hair and style the arm.

Step 3

Draw the rest of the arm, the sleeve, and the arm partially hidden by the first one.

Step 4

Use a series of curved lines to show the bent leg. Notice how the long line doubles to form the lower portion.

Step 5

Sketch on the girl’s shirt and pants. Use curved lines to enclose them.

Step 6

Wrap the rest of the leg in a long, curved line.

Step 7

Use several short, curved lines that meet at points to describe the shoe’s shape. Draw a curved line across the top to distinguish the shoe from the foot.

Step 8

Use curved lines to enclose the rest of the leg.

Step 9

Use serial ropes to pull the boundaries of the partitions and foundation. It gives the picture a three-dimensional countenance.

Step 10

sad girl crying 2

Don’t be sad – there are many other lessons where they come from. Check out our staff’s painting guides. You can learn how to draw happy faces, angry faces, scary faces, and everything in between.

These simple sad girl design ideas you saw above are lovely artists’ works. I’ve collected these designs to help you get references and ideas for your image. If you are a beginner or an advanced artist, you can help here when you find a wonderful and exciting piece of art, a sure to look at the artist to encourage him to continue his excellent work.

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