How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=272?

QuickBooks Error Code C=272

Error C-272 in QuickBooks usually appears when using the Verify and rebuild data utility. The error code also shows up when a user attempts to run a memorized report. It is a critical error faced by the QuickBooks users and calls for immediate action.

This article shall enlighten you with easy walkways to rectify QuickBooks Error Code C=272 without any hassle. But, before taking a leap onto the troubleshooting methods, let us first visit the various causes that contribute to the QuickBooks Error code C=272.

Causes behind the Error code C=272 Error

The list of potential causes that trigger the Error code C=272 in QuickBooks is listed below.

After going through these causes, it will be easy for you to fix the error.

  • An attempt made to relocate a report or data that resembles a report.
  • Repeatedly attempting to restart QuickBooks.
  • The Verify or Rebuild Data Utility has detected that the target bit set is beyond the necessary range.
  • A damaged or corrupted company file.
  • The memorized report’s conversion attempt failed, and this failure may have contributed to the error.

Easy techniques to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code C=272

We’ll now walk you through the various techniques you can use to resolve QuickBooks Error Code C=272. To prevent any damage to your important data, it is your responsibility as the user to adhere to the directions in the given set of orders.

Technique 1: Access a Sample Company File

It is customary to open a sample company file in QuickBooks to determine whether the issue is with your company file or the QuickBooks application. The following are the steps to open a QuickBooks Sample Company File:

  • Hit the ‘Ctrl’ key while launching the QuickBooks software.
  • You can release the ‘Ctrl’ key once the ‘No Company Open’ window appears.
  • Choose any sample file from the list after hitting on the ‘Open a sample file’


  • Your company file is affected/damaged in case the sample company file opens without displaying the QuickBooks Error C=272. To fix your company file in such a case, use the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility.
  • You must move on to the following technique if this procedure doesn’t rectify the error code C=272.

Technique 2: Turn off the QBW32.EXE

You can resolve QuickBooks Error C=272 by removing the QBW32.EXE file from Windows compatibility mode. To turn off the same, follow the procedure laid down below.

  • Look for the QuickBooks icon and hit a right-click on it.
  • Choose ‘Properties’ from the drop-down list.
  • Hit on the ‘Shortcut’ tab, followed by hitting on the ‘Open File Location’
  • Next, search for the ‘QBW32.EXE’
  • When the ‘QBW32.EXE’ file appears, right-click on it and hit on ‘Properties.’


  • Proceed to the ‘Compatibility’
  • Follow it up by Unchecking the option next to ‘Run this software in compatible mode.’


  • Hit on ‘OK,’ and then choose ‘Cancel.’
  • Close the QuickBooks Desktop properties window and restart the QuickBooks software to verify if the error got fixed.

Technique 3: In QuickBooks Desktop, disable the Windows Compatibility Mode

The process below will enable you to check whether Windows compatibility mode is enabled or not, which may be a contributing factor behind the error code.

  • Locate the QuickBooks Desktop icon and right-click on it to choose the ‘Properties’
  • Remove the check from the ‘Run this software in compatibility mode’
  • Follow it up by hitting on ‘OK.’
  • Close the window and open QuickBooks software to check if the error C=272 got fixed.

The techniques enumerated in this article should be enough to fix the QuickBooks Error code C=272 in your system. Although these techniques should be ample, there may be chances that the error still keeps pervading. In such a case, it is advised that you get into immediate contact with our QuickBooks Customer Support Team.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are on a mission to make the QuickBooks software error-free. You may contact us through the helpline i.e. 1-800-761-1787 or through the Chat option, easily accessible on our website.

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