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How to Get SAP Certification?

SAP Certification

How to get SAP certification?

Nowadays, certifications are important to validate one’s knowledge and skills. SAP certifications are proof that you own the right kind of programming knowledge and product expertise that is required by your job profile. Each SAP certification is based on the SAP learning journey, after which the applicant has to go through a certification exam.

SAP certification is important for those who:

  • Need to expand their skills.
  • Want to increase their earnings.
  • Want to improve their job satisfaction.

What does SAP certification do?

For your career, SAP certifications prove to be an asset. These certifications play the role of validating your skills and competencies that are required to proceed with SAP software. Also, such certifications let you enjoy increased potential earnings and more job satisfaction compared to other certifications. These certifications are meant to make you stand ahead of the crowd with verified and dignified knowledge and skills. Once you clear the exam, you will be given a digital badge that will let you receive worldwide recognition.

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What is the eligibility to take the SAP certification?

There is no particular eligibility to enter the SAP certification exam meant for basic modules such as SAP SD. Anybody with a graduation degree can pursue a career in SAP. However, many other modules of the SAP certification exam are there that require relevant work experience in certain fields. For example, to take a course in SAP MM, PP, and PM, a graduation degree in engineering is required, and so on.

Different types of SAP certification

SAP certification is available in a variety of solution areas. Applicants can select a particular certification based on their job role, work experience, interests, and future career aspirations. In general, SAP offers three types of certifications.

Associate certification- this certification is meant to give the fundamental knowledge and overall understanding of SAP solution.

Specialist certification- As its name suggests, this certification is meant to guide the applicant on a specific role or on any integral component.

Professional certification- this is the professional and advanced certification. It requires years of practical job experience and more understanding of the SAP solutions.

Most professionals go with the associate level certification. These types of certifications add value to your resume. A SAP-certified individual is taken as a valid, reliable, and valuable asset to a company.

How to get SAP certification?

In order to get SAP certification, you can follow the below mentioned tips:

  • Pick yourself the right level of certification from an associate or professional one.
  • Look for the module from where you begin with it. Anybody can choose the language or country in which you want to study.
  • You can then select the training method to suit your learning needs. Anyone can either take offline learning modules or choose e-learning courses as well.
  • Keep an eye on the syllabus to find out more about the topics related to the certification.
  • You can also check some sample questions to get an idea of the SAP certification exam.
  • You can also join any SAP forum to get insights from industry experts.
  • Be attentive while giving the SAP certification exam.

After the certification exam, you will be receiving your digital badge showcasing your ability and eligibility to be called as a SAP certified professional.


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