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How to grow watchtime on youtube

Do you also have a YouTube channel? And you want to increase his watch time, and you have come to our website for the purpose of getting this information. So we will not disappoint you and tell you how to grow watchtime on YouTube. As you all know, we cannot monetize our channel on YouTube until we have 1000 subscribers and 4 hours of watch time on our channel.

You know that earlier, this did not happen on the channel on YouTube, but by the time of 2017, YouTube launched its new policy. That is, they changed the policy. Now you need 1,000 subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch time for this, but before the time of 2017, you just had to make videos. And only a day after making the video, you could get your channel monetized, and in today’s time you have to fulfil this target. Let us know the ways in which we can get the watchtime on your YouTube channel.

Understand youtube algorithm 

YouTube’s algorithm is set in a slightly different way if your video is 8 minutes long and if a user watches that video for 7 minutes. So your video can reach more people and the views and watch time on your video will start increasing. But if the video is 8 minutes long and someone watches your video for 3 to 4 minutes, As a result, your video may not go viral, and neither your subscribers nor your watch time will increase.

Check analytics on a daily basis 

If you also want to grow your watchtime on YouTube, then you have to check YouTube Analytics daily. This is to see how many times people are watching and liking your video. If your video is 4 minutes and any user leaves your video after watching it for 1:30 minutes to 2 minutes, So you should make your video interesting. It is often seen that the user already knows. That’s what you are saying in your video, so you have to make your video interesting so that users can give maximum watch time to your video. 

Use thumbnail on videos 

If you’re making your own YouTube videos, you’ll need to make your video thumbnails very attractive. If someone sees your thumbnail, then they will be forced to watch your video and will also be attracted by your thumbnail. Thumbnails are not meant to make users think you are fooling them. to grow  the watch time on YouTube. Some people do this. They write some such YouTube channel, which is not true, and that is why users trust them less.

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Apply tags in video

The most important thing to grow watch time on YouTube is that you are here to make your video viral. Using hashtags By using hashtags, the video starts ranking in the search results, and if your video comes up in the search, then the views on your video will start coming automatically. And after the views are good, your watch time will automatically increase.


I hope you enjoy this article , in which we have told you how to increase your watch time on our YouTube channel. Here are the best ways, which you have to follow properly so that you can increase the viewing time on your YouTube channel. If you are not able to increase the watch time on your YouTube channel by the abovementioned methods,

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