How to Install Third-Party Apps on a Mac

You may use the App Store or the internet directly to download and set up third-party Apps on your Mac. When it comes to the iPhone, the only location to get apps is via the iOS App Store. We’ll demonstrate how to get third-party apps from any of these sources and install them on your Mac in this article.

Installing Mac Apps

The Mac App Store’s primary advantages are convenience and security: Apple updates all applications simultaneously with a single click, utilizes payment methods saved to your Apple ID to prevent having to repeatedly type in credit card information, reviews each app to assure its safety, and has the right to delete dangerous apps at any moment.

But genuine third-party software like iStats Menus or Bartender that need access to private areas of macOS may run afoul of Apple’s rigid regulations. Even widely used Mac web browsers cannot be downloaded through the App Store. Therefore, installing apps straight from the web is occasionally required, which is a little more difficult.

How to Install Third-Party Apps From App Store

The simplest way to install apps on your Mac is through the App Store. Open the App Store and sign in with your Apple ID to get started.

You may search for specific applications or read the sidebar’s list of app categories. Click on an app to examine all of its information, then click Install and, if asked, input your password to begin the download. You should click the price if an app is paid for.

How to Install Third-Party Apps From the Websites

The Mac App Store is lacking a lot of well-known applications and games. You must thus download the necessary app like Zen Patcher APK from the developer’s website if it isn’t already there. Just do the following actions to do it:

  • Click on the download link on the developer’s official website.
  • Open the app installation from your Downloads folder.
  • Drag the application into your Applications folder as directed by the instructions, which you should follow.
  • Some applications provide packaged installers (PKG), which may need you to agree to terms of service, select an option, and enter your admin password.

Bypass Gatekeeper In case the App won’t work

Apple uses a tool called Gatekeeper to restrict some third-party software you download from the internet in order to shield Mac users from viruses. This will prevent you from opening newly downloaded apps, but it is often simple to get around.

Additional details on Gatekeeper’s purpose and operation may be found in Apple’s help paper on accessing Mac applications safely.

Without Gatekeeper, it’s possible for your Mac to unintentionally run malicious software. However, you can get around Gatekeeper if you’re very convinced the software you downloaded is secure by Control-clicking it and choosing Open from the popup menu.

A popup stating that “This is an app installed from the Internet” will be shown. If you open it, are you sure you want to? Select Open once more. This software will now launch without a Gatekeeper prompt going forward!

To entirely disable Gatekeeper, you may also take further steps, although we don’t advise most users to do that.


Like with iOS, Apple doesn’t compel Mac customers to utilize the App Store. Even though the majority of users prefer the ease of the App Store, that’s still a positive thing. While enabling you to simultaneously download whatever apps you choose, Gatekeeper provides a useful safety check to non-App Store apps that can guard you against viruses.

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