How to keep office bathrooms clean

Let’s start with something that we all know, but that we sometimes forget: cleaning the bathrooms in the office is essential for the corporate image and beyond. Making a visibly dirty or neglected bathroom available to customers and suppliers is a sign of deterioration that a serious company certainly cannot afford.

Public restroom

That’s not all, though. It is above all the employees who use the bathrooms in the office, every day several times, and it is for their well-being and their serenity that a professional cleaning and sanitizing service must be oriented.

Keeping dirt, bacteria, and mold away from office services is a top priority to make the workplace healthy, pleasant, and, consequently, more welcoming.

Tips for cleaning office bathrooms

One thing that is certainly important to be able to say that you have clean office bathrooms is to always keep the sanitary ware neat.

Here are some of our tips for cleaning bathrooms properly:

  • Floors, tiles, toilet, and sink need specific care;
  • The use of professional products is very important;
  • Ceramic requires special and constant treatment;
  • Prevention helps fight the onset of bacteria.

The constant frequent action of the bathrooms can make these spaces real hotbeds of germs and bacteria, therefore it is often necessary to sanitize them after their cleaning.

Differences between cleaning and sanitizing

When it comes to cleaning offices and public spaces, there is a tendency to confuse two terms: cleaning and sanitizing.

It is not, as one might think, of two synonyms of the same activity, but of two different procedures, which in the field of professional cleaning have very different meanings.

Cleaning is a basic activity, which has an aesthetic value, as well as a hygienic one. An office bathroom cleaning activity takes care of eliminating bad smells and surface stains, and, in principle, it can be carried out with products that are easily available in the store.

Sanitization is a deeper activity, resulting from cleaning, which has the purpose of killing or minimizing bacteria and pathogens in a confined environment.

Those who professionally deal with sanitation cannot limit themselves only to what they see, but rely on rigorous disinfection procedures with special products, because bacteria and molds often hide in spaces that are not easily accessible.

The correct procedures for sanitizing the bathrooms in the office

It happens, witnessing the work of one’s own cleaning company, to realize that the operators spend very little time in the office bathrooms. 

We cannot measure the quality and professionalism of sanitation in minutes, this is clear. but a high standard of disinfection requires certain times to be put into practice.

Especially in a complex space such as a health service shared by several people, each with their habits, not always all hygienic.

Pee stains on cups, for example, are evident to anyone and can be cleaned easily, but this cannot be said for other areas crucial for maintaining worker, hygiene, such as bathrooms.

  • The knobs on the handles and the sinks, both often grabbed by dirty hands;
  • The narrow spaces between the sanitary ware;
  • The flush button;
  • The sanitary drains, where bacteria frequently lurk.

The list could go on and on and vary depending on the size of the spaces and the arrangement of the bathroom furniture. In all cases, correct sanitation is the first form of prevention against any form of contagion, which is extremely harmful to people and, to the operation of the office.

Because at SCS Group we insist on hygiene and cleanliness of the offices

Living in a clean environment is essential to spending peaceful and pleasant hours of work.

Cleaning also affects the possibility of not making the work burdensome to one’s employees. Therefore, relying on those with experience allows you to have a point of reference and the relief of a job such as that of getting information and choosing the most useful products for your workplace.

And not only. Those who have been in the cleaning sector for years have acquired the correct information and the right skills to deal with any type of problem.

This guarantees maximum efficiency in all work areas. Whether it’s a small business or a busy workplace or a business with hundreds of employees, there are no problems for cleaning professionals. 

A specialized company knows how to treat environments, what types of equipment to use, and how to manage time to make the workspace clean and sanitized. For more information or simple curiosities or comparisons with cleaning professionals, we are at your complete disposal.

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