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How to learn to swim in a pool

If you want to learn to swim, it is important to start practicing this discipline in a swimming pool. You must make sure at the beginning that you are always on your feet to avoid being afraid and gradually gain self-confidence. Learning to swim in a pool can give us more security than if we do it for the first time at the beach . The swell, the whirlpools that sometimes form on the shore and drag us along can cause a lot of fear, which will not help us learn to swim, quite the contrary lifeguard training.

The pool is a safe place to learn to swim . In addition, we can take advantage of shallower areas to start without being afraid. Moreover, since the pool has stairs and other places to hold on to, we will know that we will not run the risk of drowning.

Swimming is a complete sport . When we are in the pool, not only are we moving our arms, but we are using both the upper and lower levels of our body. Swimming movements stimulate blood circulation. In addition, we move parts of the body that we tend to forget when we go to the gym, such as the ankles, wrists or toes and fingers. But, how can we start learning to swim in a pool? Well, today in this article we are going to give you several tips to start learning to swim in a swimming pool.

Choose a place where you can always walk

To learn to swim in a pool, it is necessary to stand in an area where we will always have our feet . If the water comes above our chest, it could generate a lot of anxiety in us and negatively affect our learning. The important thing is to always feel calm and relaxed , otherwise it will be impossible to learn to swim.

Now let’s take a look at the specific first steps we need to take to start learning to swim

First, the feet : grab a ladder or one of the edges of the pool, and go down into the water. Then, wiggle your feet. This will give you enough confidence to know you won’t drown. You can experiment with different foot strokes that match different swimming styles .

Next, the swimming style : Once you have control of the movement of the feet, the style that you should learn first is done on the chest; it is colloquially called the frog. The legs will bend and stretch at the same time as the arms will do so forward. To move forward, you will need to circle backwards before starting forward again.

To feel safer before you start swimming on your own, you can increase your safety by holding on to a float or having someone hold you while you move your arms. This way you will gain more confidence. Focus on the breath
Learning to swim in a pool not only requires physical dexterity, it is also important to be careful to maintain proper breathing. Good breathing will better accompany swimming movements , in addition to allowing us to spend more or less time swimming.

In the beginning, it is normal to breathe with a little nervousness, which causes us to exhaust ourselves more easily and sooner. Thus, the fact that some people can spend so much time swimming can seem to us at first a difficult task if we are not used to it.

Each swimming style has its own breathing technique. Those that require the whole head to be submerged in water help maintain a breathing rate. When the head is above water, it is necessary to breathe a large amount of air. At first it is normal that we do not inhale enough air but with practice we will learn to do it correctly. The reason is that learning to swim helps us increase our lung capacity . So until we have practiced it enough, we will feel like we are running out of air or drowning. However, it does not matter, you have to continue to persevere and practice swimming.

Add difficulty

As we learn to swim more safely, we can achieve other strokes . When we begin to correctly perform a swimming style and breathe without exhausting ourselves, that will be the moment.

From this first stage, we will have to add other difficulties to the strokes and swimming styles . For that, here are some ideas. Try swimming in more water . Even if you are standing, try to move closer to the area of ​​the pool where the water covers you the most. You will test your confidence and, little by little, you will be able to swim where you have no feet, without fear of drowning.

Choose other swimming styles . When you have mastered the most basic style, you should try to learn another. There are many other swimming styles such as the butterfly or the crawl. Adding difficulty will allow you to be more skilled when swimming and improve all your abilities.

Swimming has many health benefits. Indeed, it is an ideal exercise that can be practiced all year round. In addition, swimming is one of the most complete sports. Indeed, swimming perfectly works all parts of our body . So devoting time and learning how to swim in the pool will be very beneficial for your he You tried but got discouraged and gave up too soon? Do not be discouraged, because with practice and time, you will manage to master this sport.

When we swim, we exercise all parts of the body. Moreover, one can also train various things, from resistance to strength. All this thanks to low impact exercises, since the water gives us a feeling of greater lightness. Thus, swimming is an ideal activity for anyone, of any age. Even for those who suffer from muscle and bone problems. Discover in this article how swimming improves health.

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