How to properly sanitize an office

The workplace is a place where most of the day is spent by a person who needs to feel safe. Since the Coronavirus has also reached Australia, the sanitation of offices has become an even more important operation to keep employees safe as much as possible.

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However, we must remember that sanitizing does not mean sanitizing.

Although this term has become very common, it is not yet clear to everyone it means. What are the important factors to know in order to choose the right cleaning company in Melbourne?

Sanitizing does not mean sanitizing

One of the first things to know if you want an office free from the risks due to bacteria and viruses is that sanitation is different from disinfection, and only the second is the operation that is needed to eliminate the Coronavirus from the environment.

Sanitizing professionally means using detergents with a sanitizing action , therefore substances that remove dirt and reduce the presence of pathogenic elements, but are not products certified by the Ministry of Health as disinfectants.

To disinfect the surfaces of the office, medical surgical aids need cleaning as well , or, as defined by the Government , products ” disinfectants and substances marketed as germicides or bactericides” .

Do not confuse yourself with these two processes,  because sanitizing both of them is a must, but only if we are through with sanitizing the environment.

We should perform regularly, even the sanitation of the office if Covid-19 does not exist, because it is a useful operation to keep the workplace healthy. Most times it is necessary to take a further step and sanitize the spaces where different people live together every day.

Fundamental steps to sanitize an office

Sanitation is an activity that needs action with care. Using the right products, just as already underlined in the previous paragraph.

First, to get an office with an optimal level of hygiene, it is necessary to carefully clean every surface, furniture, object to remove the most clear dirt, dust, halos and residues that in the most hidden corners.

Only after this necessary preliminary work can you move on to sanitize anything that comes into contact with people, taking care to use suitable products, both from the point of view of eliminating pathogens and from the functional point of view.

For example, do not use liquid sanitizing products on electronic instruments, but you can use sprays or other solutions that do not damage them.

Repeat these two steps, cleaning and sanitizing regularly to counter the spread in the work environment. The main allergens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and, therefore, to always have pleasant offices to visit and, above all, safe.

It is necessary to underline once again that sanitation is essential to eliminate the Coronavirus. It includes cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and these are all essentials..

Sanitize your office and let professionals do it.

A truly professional cleaning company, even before making estimates describes to the customer the results that can be obtained by carrying out the various activities described.

It is important for the professional to listen to the client and ask questions to determine what work to do. For example, needless to propose sanitation in a place that needs sanitation.

Those who work seriously ask to make an inspection before defining prices and times. Each environment has unique characteristics we need to evaluate to create an action plan and a consequent quote.

By relying on a qualified cleaning company you certainly avoid all the problems of do-it-yourself and you can be sure of creating healthy working environments.

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