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How to Share Photos Without Blasting Them All Over the Internet

Everyone likes to take pictures. And if it’s a good one, they would want to share it with the world. However, at times, people try to avoid that. For instance, if you just took an adorable picture of your newborn and want to share it with the kid’s grandparents, you can do that without plastering it all over your Instagram and Twitter. But how? Well, the solution is just as simple as choosing the best deal from different Cox internet plans.

5 Ways to Share Your Pictures on the Internet

There are different ways via which you can share your personal pictures with someone without uploading them on different social media platforms. Here are just a few of them:

Cloud Storage Services

Many people like to backup their photos with different cloud storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. If you are one of them, you can simply use them to create shared folders. Access to these folders will be exclusively available to those individuals that you choose. No outsider will be able to view the content that is in those folders. This option is simple and effective. However, do remember that if you exceed the free quota, you will need to pay to get additional space.

There are different cloud storage services. One is Dropbox which you can easily use to share folders. All you have to do is create a folder. You can then add pictures that you want to share. Once done, click on Share and enter the email addresses of those you want to view the images. It’s that simple. Another platform that you may have heard of is called Google Drive. It works similar to Dropbox. All you have to do is open the folder in the web interface, click the folder’s name, and then hit Share. You can also try Microsoft’s OneDrive and Apple’s iCloud.

Apple Photos and Google Photos

These two applications are quite useful. Apple Photos comes built into iOS and Google Photos into Android. They both offer easy and quick ways to share your pictures with those who also use the apps. Google Photos offer apps for both Android and iOS. However, Apple Photos works only if the sharer, participants, and recipients have an iOS device like an iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

If you are using Google Photos on a PC, simply move your cursor to the image that you want to share and then hit the white circle. A checkmark will appear. You can also select multiple photos. To do that, you just have to hold shift and select the pictures that you want to send. If you are using a smartphone, you will have a long-press on an image to select it and then you will have to drag to select as many images as you want. After you have selected all the images that you want to send, hit the Share button, and you are done!

If you want to share images with Apple Photos, it is best if you do so from your smartphone. You just need to launch the app, tap on Select, and then pick the images that you want to share. Once done, hit the Share button. You can then select Add to Shared Album. This will allow you to add the shared folder of pictures that anyone who uses an Apple device whether it be an iPhone or Mac can access.

Instant Messaging

If you think archiving and organizing your photos is a lot of work, you can try a quick and simple way: instant messaging! You can simply start an instant messaging group chat and can send your photos. Doing this will also allow the group members to comment on your pictures. However, do note that this option is not great for retrieving older images or organizing your pictures. There are many different messaging apps that you can use including Google Chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and iMessage. You just have to make sure that the other person with whom you want to share your picture also has the same messaging app that you have.


Although people like taking pictures. However, at times, they prefer not to share them with everyone on the internet. If you too find yourself in a similar situation, you can simply consider the aforementioned ways to share images. It is a safe and secure way to share your private moment with only those that you want.

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