How to Start iOS App Development With an Android Background?

It’s challenging to stand out among the expanding number of mobile app developers, and a single blip in the algorithm can slow your entire plan down. However, if you understand how to get around the obstacles, you can get your app to the required position.You should also learn to move forward in the chosen platform and general knowledge. The vast majority eventually transferred iOS App Development Company their apps to Android.

Having numerous skill sets is a blessing in disguise in today’s competitive digitalization environment, especially if you’re a developer looking to advance your career in mobile app development.

At any one time, both Android and iOS App developers have had the upper hand in terms of their abilities. However, in the last few years, the number of people switching from Android to IOS has substantially increased.

The reverse-path, namely, moving from Android to iOS, is less popular. If you want to get a competitive advantage in the market, you must concentrate on expanding your technical skills, even if you are a developer.

It’s never easy to move from one application development forum to another. It’s also not a decision you make on the spur of the moment. You must have seen the positive side of that, but you really should have anticipated the challenges before diving in.

It takes time to channel your energy potential into such a new ability. To get the most out of your decision, you must stay to it and work on it regularly.

How Do I Begin Developing an iOS App?

Because you’ve already decided to pursue IOS programming, understanding the concept from the start can significantly assist you in your development. You may confront roadblocks along the way, but consistent learning and implementation will propel your career to new heights.

The Top iOS App Development Company India’s market share is gradually increasing, and IOS development teams already have experienced an increase in demand compared to previous years.

The following are some helpful hints that will broaden your knowledge circle, particularly for those considering the change.

Understand the Language

The first is that when it relates to iOS, you can use either Swift or Objective-C. Despite the reality that there are numerous more options, these two stand out as the best. Swift is another alternative language that is simple to learn and has the same syntax as Objective-C, and this syntax will assist you in quickly gaining control of the speed.

Aside from that, the only other difference between the platforms in iOS and Android is in programming jargon.

Selecting the Most Appropriate IDE

In many circumstances, those who have worked in the Android industry for a long time find it extremely difficult to provide an IDE. Also, when it comes to Apple’s landscape, it uses XCode, a user-friendly and fast IDE. All you need to accomplish now is go to the App Store and download it.

Pay Special Attention To The User Interface

When it comes to UI design and appearance, iOS and Android are very different. Storyboards are used in XCode, and XML files are used in Android Studio.

The key benefit of these storyboards would be that they help you link to ViewControllers while also helping you coordinate transitions.

As a result, unlike Android, you will be capable of moving around and interacting with the UI components.

Learn How To Use A-List Functionality

It might be prudent to create a TableViewController, or rather a TableView, so that you may use the same list capability as Android. Android uses a ListView or RecyclerView, the same as a TableView, to let you populate each item in the same manner that Adapters do.

To provide a similar list capability to what you’ve been using with Android, create the TableViewController and simply the TableView.

Using ListView/RecyclerView = TableView allows you to populate each item the same way you would with Android Adapters.

ListActivity, RecyclerView, and ListFragment all use lists on Android. UITableView and UICollectionView, on the other hand, are based on lists in iOS. Following your understanding of the distinctions, you should begin learning where each list functions.

Take into account Dependency Management

Android mainly uses Gradle’s dependency management. On the other hand, Cocoa Pods provide the same capabilities for iOS. In this file, you must list your dependencies. After that, it takes care of installing and upgrading those programmes.

Always Learn & Build

The procedure for creating apps for Android and IOS is identical. The only notable difference is that the simulator on iOS is far faster to develop and run than the Android simulator.

However, Google has now published a new version of the emulator that is faster and more stable. Shortly, Android might get close.

Android keeps things precise and straight forward during app testing to see how the app is functioning right away.

However, there will be a few registrations and licensing check processes in IOS that may take longer than usual. Of course, if any mistakes occur, Xcode comes in helpful.

Advantages & Disadvantages of IOS Development

Every OS-operating system has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Because you’ve already decided to work as an IOS developer, you ought to be aware of the benefits and cons at this point.


Performances – IOS apps are reliable, quick, and simple to use. Its constant response is the most calming and provides users with agility.

Intuitive UI/UX design – Apple offers a User Interface Guide that assists developers in creating great User Interfaces with users. Users benefit from the powerful combination of software or hardware and timely maintenance.

Generates High Revenue – IOS apps come with a premium service, and consumers frequently acquire apps from the store; thus, revenue is more considerable.

Authentic Toolkit – Apple provides several simple toolkits to facilitate a smooth app development process.


Longer Release Time – The review and preview options on the Apple Play Store are relatively limited. Your app will be vulnerable due to a lack of content and poor performance, and it will be terminated from the Play Store.

Higher Paid Service – Although many frameworks are accessible to users; developers will have to pay to use them.

You can only use Mac – To programme and execute the app simulator, you’ll need a Mac.

The Final Thoughts

Before jumping on the Best iOS App Development Company, it’s critical to grasp the platform’s full capabilities and design techniques. A sudden shift can have negative consequences; rather than hesitating and looking for a way out, attempt to understand how the Apple ecosystem operates.

There are numerous parallels between both two platforms. When growth and competition are at stake, a few distinctions in terminology and programming language are irrelevant.

Take your opportunity to learn, then keep your understanding of the new platform up to date. Keep in mind that staying on top of emerging trends can help you give your app an edge.


Patel Nasrullah Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading Top mobile application development company USA, in 2011. He devotes his time in inspiring young leaders to take the leap of faith. With the experience of 10 years in Web and App development, he now gives full attention to the enterprise by offering mobility solutions about the strategic planning and execution.

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