How To Write An Exemplification Paragraph In An Essay

An exemplification paragraph essay is an essay in which the writer proves their thesis with the help of many examples. An exemplification essay is also sometimes called an illustrative essay. Here are some useful tips on how to write an exemplification essay, no matter how it is called though.

The Essence Of Exemplification Paragraph Essay

First, you need to choose a topic, yet very often it is given clearly. The most important thing in writing an exemplification paragraph essay is to find the right examples. Which will clarify, and enhance the topic and the content of the whole essay. Once the topic and its supportive examples are clarified and well-chosen, you have to actually start writing the essay.

Opening Of Exemplification Paragraph Essay

It is the main rule in all types of essay writing, including the exemplification paragraph or illustrative one. That it has to state the defended thesis and direct the reader to what is following. The beginning of the essay should be strong.

A good way to start an exemplification paragraph is with a famous quote, a question, or by stating a common fact or data. For example, let’s say you have decided to ask what is an exemplification essay on genetic engineering. What comes first: the chicken or the egg – You may start with this question. 

After that, you can use and state different data results and research. Which will help you show the benefits or disadvantages of using genetic engineering. Depending on whether you are writing about the pros or cons of genetic engineering. 

A good opening of any essay, of essay one, guarantees that the readers will focus, examine and display it.

Body Of Exemplification Paragraph Essay

You need to move forward to its body after you have finished writing the opening of the exemplification essay. Again, the body of the essay must have strong and clear ideas, arguments and points, details, and brief examples. And information that supports the topic, of course. 

It is very important to use arguments and information that will make the thesis of the exemplification paragraph essay easy. You must consider its audience to do that. 

The facts and research that you will have to do in case you decide to write an exemplification paragraph essay on genetic engineering. Or the effect of fashion in our daily life will be completely different. So, to write a good essay, you must first think about your audience.

Once you have already decided on the thesis, identified your audience. Conduct proper research of examples, facts, arguments, and points. You have to divide them by importance and effect in relation to the thesis. 

Sometimes, instead of presenting facts and asking what is an exemplification essay, you can use a story to prove your point in one of the paragraphs. It is very important to use transitional sentences between the paras of the exemplification essay.

Conclusion Of Exemplification Paragraph Essay

The last but not least important part of writing an exemplification paragraph essay is the conclusion. The conclusion summarizes the opening or the introduction of the essay in general. Also, its thesis and the body add a final touch and convince the audience to accept the thesis. 

The place of the essay where you create and shape the final conclusion of the work is – The conclusion. Restating proof in the exemplification paragraph essay with simple and strong sentences. It can only further the audience’s feeling of completeness of the subject. 

For more effect, you can use a reference or quote. Also, it is important to note that you should not only summarize the exemplification essay. But should try to strengthen its thesis one last time.

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