How To Write Resignation Letter Format & Samples

Resignation letter

A formal communication or letter advising an employer of a worker’s intention to leave their position is known as a resignation letter. It is a formal way of giving up, in other words, Utilize the free resignation letter sample to leave on the best possible foot.

Resignation Letter For Employees

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Resignation Letter: A proper resignation letter informs your employer that you are quitting your position. Writing letters is an ancient art form. Although the amount of emails, texts, and other modern forms of text messaging is growing, everyone must send letters at some point in their lives. Writing letters is a crucial part of our everyday lives. The list of letter types is vast and includes official letters, complaint letters, job applications, thank-you letters, and letters demanding changes or providing suggestions.

Resignation letters can also include letters of resignation. In this post, we’ll go through a resignation letter’s format, essential components, and case studies.

Resignation Letter Format With Notice Period

Like a resignation letter, a notice letter serves the same purpose. (Do you not believe that it appears more formal than a “leave letter” or “work leaving letter”?) You notify the employer of your intent to leave in this letter and offer to stay on for an additional month or 15 days. From the time you announce your departure to the day you leave your job, it typically takes one month or 15 days.

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The act of resigning involves quitting the company where one is currently employed. An employee’s formal notification of intent to leave their current employer is provided in a resignation letter. It may be physically cut or electronically sent via email. This kind of letter thanks the employee for taking the opportunity to work for the company and provides information about the employee’s last day of employment. Here, we’ll go over a resignation letter’s numerous formats and key components.

How to write a resignation letter in English?

Employees should write their resignation letters in a formal tone. An employee must notify the organization’s management before leaving their job. The employee has been given some duties by the employer. Consequently, it will be necessary to hire a successor to take over your responsibilities.

Resignation letters- Important Points

Employee should include a few crucial things in their resignation letter to the employer in order to write a professional resignation letter. These essential elements should be included in a resignation letter:

1. Company Name & Address
2. Name of the Employer ( Authority of the Organization
3. a declaration that you intend to leave your position
4. The title of your office staff position
5. the date of your final day
6. your reasons for leaving
7. appreciation for the opportunity to work for the company
8. your contact information.

For a better understanding of the format here is some examples of resignation letter provided.

Resignation letter Format- How to Write?

It ought to be clear that you cannot only type “I give up. Bye.” Even though a resignation letter must adhere to a specific format, it’s not as challenging as you might think.

Simply let your employer know that you intend to resign, add a few crucial information, and respectfully close the letter. You don’t have to write a lot or go into great detail. The following details should be included in your one-page resignation letter:

  • a reason for leaving your job
  • your designation
  • date of your last day on the job
  • a thanks message to your employer for hiring you
  • well wishes for the future of the organization
  • contact information

Resignation Letter Writing in English

The most important piece of advice when drafting resignation letters is to keep them as short as possible. No need to explain your decision to leave in great detail. It is best to be direct, professional, and to provide all necessary information about the termination process.

  • Be succinct and direct: In the initial sentence, state that you intend to quit (or even the first sentence)
  • Be polite and refrain from using it as an opportunity to criticise, disparage, or voice your complaints about the company or other employees.
  • Declare the last date you have agreed to work through as advance notification of your leaving.
  • Give an explanation of the change and offer to assist in finding your replacement or to finish specific tasks and projects before your departure.
  • Please make sure to carefully review the letter before sending it to make sure all of the information is accurate and there are no mistakes.
  • Consult an attorney – Depending on the specifics of your case, you might wish to speak with an attorney regarding your resignation procedure.

Resignation Letter format

Here is a resignation letter format used by an employer for HR

[Your Name] [Your Street Address] [Your City, State/Province, Country] [Your Phone Number] [Your Email Address] [Date of writing the resignation letter] [Employer Contact Name] [Employer Title] [Employer Company Name]

Dear [Employer Contact Name],

[First sentence: I’m writing to give you my official notice that I’m leaving The Company. One month from today, on October 21, 2022, I will retire.]

It was not an easy choice to make, and I value your encouragement throughout my time working for The Company. My five years of experience, education, and learning have been invaluable to me. The team and I have enjoyed working with you.

Please let me know how I can support you during this change. As the business develops, I wish you the best.]


[Image of Signature] [Your Name] [Designation]

Resignation Letter Examples Samples

If you’re still confused about what to say and how to write a letter, use this sample to see how the topics mentioned above are included. There is no need for a formal introduction or flowery greeting because the purpose to leave is made clear in the first sentence of the letter.

Resignation Letter Example

From- Joe kelven
7654. M.G Lane
Memphis, Tenessee-654733
]contact number]

06 August 2022

ABC Finance
12356, V.J Avenue
Memphis, Tenessee-654733

I’m writing to let you know that I’ll no longer be working at ABC Finance as an accountant. With effect from now for two weeks. My last day of employment is August 20, 2022. Working with you and ABC Finance has been a rewarding experience for me.

I value the training and the possibility to improve my accounting career alongside you. I wish the future success of my coworkers and the entire team. Although leaving was difficult, I decided to accept a part-time position closer to my home out of loyalty to my family.


Joe kelven
]contact number]

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