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If you want a thin waist then do Padahastasana

Which woman does not want a thin waist? Girls of all ages wish to have a slim waist. But the problem is that getting a slim waist has become like a big task. Padahastasana is the simplest and most accurate remedy for this. Since this asana is done by holding the feet with the hands, it is called Padahastasana. This asana helps in reducing the fat deposited near the abdomen and waist, which makes the waist slim and attractive. Not only this, the body also gets flexibility. This is the reason that only women should hold the hand of Padahastasan, it is not right. Men should also do Padahastasana for their perfect body shape. We will tell you about this in detail.

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How to do this asana

Stand in a careful posture keeping the shoulders and spine straight. Now slowly raise both the hands up and bring the hands in the line of the shoulders and lift them up to the top of the head by tilting the shoulders slightly forward. Make sure that the shoulders are adjacent to the ears. Keep the palms facing forward. When the arms are raised parallel to each other, then slowly keep the waist straight and start bending down while breathing in.

Even while bending, keep in mind that the shoulders should remain adjacent to the ears. Keeping the knees straight, try to touch the forehead with the knee by holding the heels and toes with both the palms, holding them tightly near the ankles. Keep breathing in and istanbul escort out. Stay in this position for 30-40 seconds as per convenience. Slowly rise up from this position to come back. Coming into a standing posture, after bringing the hands again from the waist, come to the resting position. Do this 5 to 7 times.

Benefits of this asana

As already mentioned, Padahastasana is beneficial for a thin waist. Along with this, it also brings flexibility in the body. Apart from this, it is also helpful for those who want to increase their height. However, after a certain age, growth in height is impossible. Despite this, due to the stretch in the body, a normal growth of height can be seen. This asana is very beneficial for children. Especially for children who have doubts about their height.

The list of merits of Padahastasana is not over yet. Men can give a solid reason not to do this asana that this asana is effective for women. Whereas for those who want to have a wide chest, this is the perfect yoga asana. Therefore, if you want to have a wide chest with a perfect body shape, then reduce the distance from this asana. Apart from this, this asana is especially effective for the urinary system, uterus and genital secretions. This removes constipation. This asana strengthens the back and spine and also makes it flexible. It also strengthens the muscles of the thighs and calves. Almost all the disorders of the intestines and stomach are removed by regularising this asana.

Take some caution

Many precautions have to be taken before doing this asana. If you are not able to touch your feet, then practice it slowly. Do not try to complete it in a hurry. Leg muscles can be hurt. Lowering the neck with jerks can lead to flexion of the neck. Other similar problems can arise. If you are not sure about the right method of doing it, then it is better to contact yoga experts.

Apart from this, if you have any kind of spinal problem, then keep a distance from this asana. Not all diseases related to the stomach allow you to do Padahastasana. So don’t do it. Also this asana is not suitable for heart patients and high blood pressure patients. They may have to bear the loss. People suffering from acidity are also advised not to do this.

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