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Improve your rankings fast with these 5 content strategies

One statement that is oft-repeated in the digital world is that content is the king. While it is true, one also needs to understand that presenting and formatting your content is even more important. You might have come across the blog posts without proper distribution of headings and lack of well-structured paragraphs. Such blog posts give a very negative impression and you are least tempted to read them. Did you know that many times these blogs may contain highly valuable information? However, just because of sloppy formatting they fail to enjoy the credibility required for attracting or engaging the visitors. In this blog post we will discuss some content presentation ideas on how to make it more SEO-friendly and useful for readers:

Offer solid value to the readers

If you want readers to connect with you then deliver them tangible value. Help them overcome challenges, reduce costs, multiply sales, increase productivity or achieve their goals through time-tested strategy. By delivering solid benefits you would be able to convert random visitors into readers and readers into subscribers. This strategy can also pave the way for increasing the conversion rate within a reasonable time.

Identify the most appropriate content format to match the intent

One major mistake made by many businesses is to assume that every keyword strategy depends upon a blog post. That’s why they concentrate all their efforts on writing blog posts on specific keywords without exploring another format. The reality however is that depending upon the keyword and type of audiences, people might be interested in searching for different formats as well like shopping pages, product description, company profile, discount or offers pages, etc. Intent matters the most.

Establish yourself as the ultimate information source

One thing that tempts visitors to click the close or back button is incomplete information or substandard material. So, it is always best to understand the searchers’ intent in its full entirety. Based on the insights, craft the material that fully satisfies all their queries to the fullest. Brainstorm on all the possible W-words and other related questions that are possibly keeping the visitors curious. How well you answer their curiosity determine the success of your content strategy.

Don’t overstretch your content

Many people are a bit too particular about the length. It is true that long-form content wins more eyeballs, engages for a longer time, and is possibly valued more y Google. However, it is not your singular recipe to improve the ranking. Instead of concentrating only on the number of words, think about the wholesomeness of the content and how best it relates to the searchers’ intent. One’s content has already answered the key queries of searchers along with their closely related concerns; there’s no use to stretch it forward. Overstretching the content with a sole objective for adding the length will rob it of the value. Such shallow content can hurt your ranking instead of improving it.

Right landmarks enable Google bots to identify your content’s worth

Google needs to grip the gist of your content to position it the right way and rank it in relevant searches. Here, along with the content itself, you can use some “landmarks” to give it a quick and clear idea about your content. Elements like Title tag page title, URL main content, media elements like video and image make it easier for search engine bots to understand what your content is all about. If your site is made on WordPress then you can explore a large collection of wordpress plugins for content that will help you insert and position such digital landmarks in your content.


A good strategy to increase your chances to build a good rank on such keywords is to internally link the most relevant content in the inner pages of your site. When done appropriately it will help you gain the intensity required while also creating a deeper “foundation” for your main content.


While content plays a vital role in establishing relations with the readers, you also need to have good knowledge about its SEO appropriateness and reader-friendliness. It will allow you to speed up your digital marketing process while expecting better outcome. In this post, we discussed some of the best strategies that one can follow to optimize their content strategy for extracting maximum output and reaching their goals in a reasonable time.

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