Industrial floor cleaning: who to contact

Cleaning industrial floors is a very particular activity, different from sanitizing other surfaces such as offices, for example, and therefore requires specific and dedicated skills.

In fact, in a company, floors are subject to very strong stresses, both for the continuous movement of vehicles and goods and for the incessant coming and going of people which generates considerable stress from foot traffic on the company surfaces.

Whether it is the floor of a warehouse or a hospital ward, methods and products change, but certainly not the approach. To maintain the high quality standards required by a production facility in cleaning industrial floors, it is necessary in all cases to intervene with highly specialized personnel and products suitable for the characteristics of the materials taken into consideration.

All of this having at heart the business cycle of the company, which must always be respected without the cleaning service being in any way hindering.

Cleaning floors in a warehouse or workshop

Sheds, warehouses, construction sites, workshops. In each of these cases, professional floor cleaning is not only a necessary hygienic precaution, but above all, a very important work tool.

The good characteristics of the production environment, whether small or large, represent, in fact, the first and fundamental protection for goods. Besides the temperature, humidity and state of maintenance of the production space, the perfect cleaning of the floors and walls also helps to keep the equipment in perfect condition to function and delays the deterioration of any goods stored.

Last but not least, a tidy environment with properly and constantly sanitized floors is a better and safer place to work.

In short, an environment with the best productivity.

Cleaning the floors in a hospital or inpatient facility

Cleaning floors in healthcare facilities differs from cleaning a warehouse or workshop. The conformation of the spaces, the main staining agents, and the variety and type of users are different.

Despite these differences, it is the basic aim that remains the same: to respect the highest quality standards in environments where, for different reasons, cleaning and disinfection are essential. All without hindering the work of the staff.

To be sure of carrying out an effective action, the cleaning company must carry out a thorough inspection of the requesting facility. From this and from a continuous and constructive dialog with the management staff, we can devise an ad hoc proposal, choosing which professional equipment to use and evaluating the use of the most suitable products for the precise needs of each hospital or nursing home.

The costs of professional cleaning

Many variables affect the difficulty of the intervention and consequently its costs: the condition and size of the floors, the conformation of the production sites, the detail of the overall dimensions.

It is not possible to quantify the cost of cleaning industrial floors without first having carried out a scrupulous visit to the company together with the manager to identify the critical issues and specific needs together.

This has always been a working method, and allows us to provide serious and reliable quotes, avoiding the customer from unpleasant (and predictable) subsequent surprises.

Do you need industrial cleaning specialists? Contact us now! For your production activity, the inspection and the estimate are absolutely free.

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