Instagram Shopping: 4 Best Practices to Follow

Instagram is becoming a global phenomenon. With more than 1 billion users active (90 percent of the following companies in-app), This platform isn’t just for sharing pictures and videos with your family and friends no more. Instagram is also focused on Instagram shopping.

It’s an essential marketing tool for companies regardless of size and form, so it’s no surprise that more and more companies incorporate Instagram marketing into their business strategies. Nowadays, it’s the case that both B2C and B2B businesses use this platform to reach their targeted audiences, create connections with prospective customers and share messages about their brand.

The e-commerce market will hit nearly 4 trillion dollars in sales by 2020. So it’s no surprise that more businesses sell their products on the internet.

Instagram indeed offers you the chance to boost sales from e-commerce as well. Instagram shopping is growing in popularity, so it’s time to join the trend and transform the Instagram page into an online store. Enhance customer experience and convert your followers into customers.

The Popularity of Instagram Shopping

The average Instagram user spends around 53 minutes using the app each day, making it much easier for users to interact with their preferred brands. To analyze extra about Instagram, Read More

200 million Instagram users check out at least one company on Instagram each day
83% of users find new services and products in the app.
29.73 Percent of US millennials think that Instagram is the most effective way for brands to communicate with users with new merchandise or special offers
In the past several years, Instagram has grown into a well-known marketplace, and it affects the decision-making process of consumers:


The most important thing to remember? Your followers will buy from your business on Instagram To offer them a seamless online shopping experience. For the best experience of the benefits of Instagram shopping, continue studying to discover the top 4 methods from well-known brands, as well as tips for optimizing your account to allow in-app purchases.

1. Instagram Shopping: Use Your Instagram Account as a Storefront

Instagram shopping still has certain drawbacks that make shoppers off despite its increasing popularity. It’s not just that customers don’t be sure of the quality of products and assess whether the items are suitable for them and their needs; they’re scared of fraud on shopping sites.

Therefore, it’s crucial to transform the Instagram profile into a marketplace and simplify users to purchase products through the app. Here are some methods that have been proven to accomplish this.

Set Up Instagram Shopping

First, you must establish Instagram shopping so that your followers and customers to buy from you quickly.

For Instagram shopping, you’ll have to set up your online shop, link the store to the Instagram company profile and then begin using the catalogue while uploading product tags.

Once you’ve created Instagram shopping, Your profile will look similar to the one below:

When it comes to Instagram buying, it’s simple for users and followers to click the ‘view shop’ button and then go through the catalogue of products to view the range of items available and costs.

Show Off Your Products

Being a visual platform, Instagram is a great platform to showcase your goods. Additionally, 93% of users believe that appearance is the primary aspect of making a purchase decision.

It’s a good idea to post photos of your products. It is a fantastic way to grab your followers and generate interest in your product. So it’s not surprising that many brands upload photos to display the wide range of the products they offer.

However, if you’re trying to take your business to the next step, it’s an excellent idea to create product videos as well. Videos that are dynamic help show the products you sell in their entirety. This will help customers determine if your product is suitable for them or not. Additionally, the ideal video length should be in the range of 45-60 seconds, which means that it is possible to upload the video on your Instagram feed.

Here’s a great example showing off items using images as well as videos by Yves Saint Laurent:

Yves Saint Laurent’s Instagram shopping illustration

If you’re not among the top fashion labels, you may lack a variety of product images. But, you can get the most from your loyal customers by allowing them to showcase fan-generated content since it allows you to showcase your product and provide customers with social evidence.

Add Product Tags

It’s not difficult to see that Instagrammers utilize the platform to aid in product discovery. But putting your product on Instagram isn’t enough to convert your customers into paying customers. They want to learn more about featured items, and it’s crucial to add tags to your product that let users see the product’s descriptions and prices without leaving the application.

Let’s have a look at the possibility of buying a post by Calvin Klein:


Instagram allows businesses to tag up to five products in a single post or include 20 products in a multi-image post.

Create Story Highlight Albums

Instagram Stories are extremely well-liked by both brands and consumers. This is why many companies and marketers have begun making use of Instagram Stories for eCommerce.

Yet, only a handful of them is thinking about making Story Highlight albums since highlight albums are displayed beneath the bio section. It is easy for users and followers to find relevant products easily.

Learn more about the ways Sephora makes use of Highlight albums to categorize its items:

To design attractive Highlight albums, think about using graphic design tools such as Canva and Crello. With the wide variety of templates available, it’s simple for non-designers and non-designers alike to create unique covers consistent with the branding requirements.

2. Encourage Impulse Buying

According to a study, 88.6% of Americans are willing to try shopping on impulse and make 156 purchases every calendar year (with an average of $81.75 for each session). So for brands that sell on e-commerce, this is a chance to convert more customers to customers and increase sales.

The greatest aspect of Instagram purchasing is that most customers make purchase decisions without planning. Therefore, it’s crucial to encourage impulse purchases.

Share Discounts and Time-Limited Offers

It’s no secret that consumers enjoy discounts and special offers. According to the consumer survey on their preferences for purchases, 56% of consumers are on Facebook and Twitter for coupon offers or promotions, and 44% of them are looking to avail discounts from the brands they follow.

Because these programs operate with the notion of urgency, consumers tend to purchase when they see discounts and deals. For example, here’s what one company says about its mid-season sale in an Instagram post:

Instagram shopping example: kikki.K

Not just did Kikki. K added the text information on the image and wrote several phrases about the sale in its caption. This technique is excellent because it draws the attention of those who scroll through the feed. It also provides users with the most detailed information through the Instagram bio page:

Another illustration of this marketing technique comes from Harvard Book Store. The company not only informed followers of its limited inventory and also provided an expiration date within the caption:

Instagram shopping example: Harvard Bookstore

Use Stories for Ecommerce

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make your mark and market your business to 500 million active daily users? Consider using Instagram Stories.

At first glance, it appears that creating short-lived content isn’t the most effective method to increase sales. It’s interactive and disappears fast, which makes it almost impossible to convert your followers into buyers.

But interactive content can be the perfect tool for selling merchandise on Instagram. 75percent of advertisers believe that engaging content results in more engagement rates and leads. Additionally, there are a variety of Instagram Stories features that boost sale, which means that marketers can help their followers make purchases with interactive content.

For instance, you could upload photos from your most recent collection and provide an option to click on the link to let users discover more information, like the image below:

If you’re looking to display your items, draw interest in online sales, or even provide more details about your offerings, Stories can assist you. With a time frame of just 24 hours, using Instagram Stories for eCommerce is an excellent way to promote the purchase of impulse items.

3. Connect with customers in the app

If customers use Instagram to discover products, they are more likely to form connections and interact with brands via the app. For companies, you need to be prepared to collaborate with customers via Instagram.

Publish Customer Testimonials

A popular product won’t be enough to attract new customers. Whatever the product you sell, future buyers may be uncertain about purchasing with you in the initial discovery stage.

To anticipate questions regarding how good your product is and convert your followers into buyers, It’s a great idea to create social evidence on Instagram by publishing customer testimonials.

From repurposing customer testimonials into posts on social media to displaying video testimonials or creating fan-created videos, there are numerous ways that brands can provide feedback from their customers to their fans.

For instance, Bali Body has a separate Instagram profile that showcases testimonials and reviews from customers:

If you include testimonials from customers, it helps potential customers realize that other people have chosen your product and are pleased with its high-quality products as they talk about positive experiences with customers.

Provide Customer Service on Instagram

Many customers are using Instagram to contact customer service. Around 150 million people are in contact with businesses every month on Instagram. Using Instagram shopping to boost eCommerce sales, be prepared to offer the best customer service via Instagram.

You can put chatbots on your website and include a link in your bio. But, it’s essential to monitor the direct messages and comments to ensure that everyone can receive prompt responses to their inquiries. For example, here’s an illustration of a customer service page from a popular fashion company:

The company promises to respond to questions within just 48 hours, which means you’re more likely to get an agent for customer service who answers questions and interacts with customers via the app.

This is not an ideal option for every company. Therefore, if you’re not able to employ a social media moderator that can address customer concerns within the app, you can build an information base and include the link. As a self-service database of information about your company and brand that can resolve most of the issues your customers face.

4. Reach More Potential Customers

It’s not the case that all Instagram users follow companies in-app. To get the most benefit from the benefits of Instagram shopping, it’s essential to connect with more buyers who may have an interest in goods and services. Because competition is growing on the platform, two proven methods exist to get through the noise and connect with potential customers.

Join forces with Niche Instagram Influencers

The influence of age is upon us. Customers today trust the advice of influencers just as they trust recommendations from their family and friends. Therefore, using Instagram opinion influencers is a great way to boost brand recognition and get attention for your products.

When you offer products to review or invite influential people to become brand ambassadors or collaborate on a launch of your product, there are various ways to become part of a well-established group of influencers’ followers.

Let’s consider Lacoste as an instance. In partnership with Novak Djokovic, the brand has introduced a new line and promotes the new collection through Instagram to appeal to a wider population:

Naturally, not all fashion brands can afford to collaborate with celebrities. However, Instagram influencers are available in all shapes and sizes, from nano-influencers with unreliable but small followers to macro-influencers and mega-stars with millions of followers. Therefore it’s easy to find influencers on Instagram in your target market and have the values you want to promote.

To reach out to specific influencers, contact them via Instagram or visit their website to discover their contacts. This will help you stand out from brands that bombard the influencers with posts on social media. For greater information,

Run Instagram Shopping Ad Campaigns

One of the most effective and simplest methods to cut through the noise of e-commerce companies using Instagram is to launch Instagram advertising campaigns. Today, more than 2 million people utilize Instagram for business promotions, and paid ads allow businesses to gain amazing results.

A case in point:

When Brandi looked to reach a larger audience through Instagram, Brandi teamed with select fashion-related influencers to create Instagram advertisements.

Here’s an example from the campaign:

In just 13 days of the campaign, The company saw an increase of 12 percent in advertising spend and an 11% lower price per purchase compared with ads through the account of the brand. That means that paid ads have huge sales potential. Additionally, e-commerce companies can promote shoppable posts that give them the chance to reach out to a larger market and gain more customers.

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