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Internet Addiction and Sleep Quality among Students

Internet is a dire need in the current era. It is in the use of everyone. But its excessive use can lead to internet addiction. The students can use it to resolve their queries about different concepts. Thus, they can seek the help of Swot Analysis of Apple if they cannot able to fulfill the pressure.

Internet Addiction:

Internet addiction refers to unhealthy behavior which causes stress in life. It refers to the people who cannot imagine even a single without the internet. Many factors lead to internet addiction. Hence, it is paramount to avoid such factors.

Ways to Avoid the Internet:

According to (López Luque, 2011), the following are the ways to avoid internet addiction.

Turn Off the Notifications:

Social media apps get the attraction of students. The students feel fascinated when they get a text from their friends on social media. Hence, it leads to internet addiction. Therefore, turning off the notifications is the best way to avoid the internet. In this way, the students become less attracted to the internet. They spend their time in healthy activities.

Apart from it, they emphasize their studies. As a result, they can able to bring good grades.

Opt for Healthy Distractions:

Healthy distractions play an important role to avoid internet addiction. The students can enjoy the company of their friends. It encourages the exchange of information. Secondly, they can do the task they love to do. Many students are fond of playing cricket. Physical activities boost the function of the brain. The overall aim is to opt for healthy distractions while using the internet. Therefore, the students can choose the specific activity according to their desire.

Find New Hobbies:

The students possess different hobbies. Hobbies refer to doing the tasks which the students love to do. Sometimes, they get to opt for the same hobbies over and over again. As a result, it creates chances to stick to the internet. To overcome this issue, it is beneficial for the students to find different hobbies. They must try new tasks. In this way, they can able to find their interest in a new activity.

Seek Help from Therapist:

The students must keep track of their activities. Hence, consulting a therapist is foremost when the students know that the internet has started interfering with their life. As a result, the students can find out the core issue behind internet addiction. Internet addiction is not serious. It can have treated at any stage. Therefore, seeking the help of a therapist is effective at any stage as far as internet addiction is concerned.

Sleep Quality:

Sleep quality refers to the satisfaction of the individuals as far as the aspects of the sleep experience are concerned. It consists of four attributes. They include sleep efficiency, latency, duration as well as waking up after sleep onset. People can enhance sleep quality by fulfilling all the attributes.

Importance of Sleep Quality:

Sleep quality carries great prominence for the students especially. Many students compromise their sleep quality due to being overburdened by their academics. Sleep quality enhances the academic performance of the students. The students can determine their performance through High School GPA Calculator UK.

Strategies to Improve Sleep Quality:

The strategies to improve sleep quality are the following.

Make a Comfortable Environment:

It is impossible to sleep well in an environment full of distractions. It is important to sleep in a room where no other activity is going on. As a result, it becomes difficult for anyone to sleep well. Hence, making a comfortable environment is one of the main strategies to improve sleep quality. Apart from it, a comfy environment does not lead to all the irritations the students have during their sleep.

Remove the Electronic Devices:

The electronic devices grasp the attention of the students. They are unlikely to go to sleep when they have electronic stuff around. They remain to recreate the video games all night. The use of social media apps is another reason to affect sleep quality. Therefore, their removal is necessary. The students only plan to sleep when they have nothing around them. Thus, it ensures sleep quality to a great extent.

Avoid Meals before Bedtime:

The pandemic has affected lives badly. Having late-night meals which include snacks were common in those days. It deteriorates sleep quality. Apart from it, the excessive intake of late-night meals becomes the reason for anxiety and depression. Therefore, it is crucial to tackling this issue. To ensure sleep quality, it is preferable to avoid late-night meals. The students can easily avoid these meals because the pandemic is almost over.

Go for Exercise:

The students should go for exercise before going to bed. They can search different tutorials available on the internet regarding sleep time exercise. As a result, the students get tired due to having healthy exercise. Hence, they are likely to sleep well right after lying on the bed.

Be Consistent:

Consistency is one of the main things to ensure better sleep. Therefore, the students should go to bed at the same time daily. It makes a proper routine which in turn brings effectiveness to sleep. According to (bestassignmentwriter, 2022), students can perform better once they have gone through quality sleep.


Internet addiction and sleep quality are interrelated. The students cannot able to get a good sleep if they remain busy surfing the internet. Therefore, the investigators should adopt the above-mentioned strategies. As a result, they can avoid internet addiction and ensure good sleep quality. Hence, it boosts the productivity of the students.


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