Introduce Your Brand with Custom Empty Cigarette Boxes

Customize your Empty Cigarette Boxes

Custom empty cigarette boxes-We are working with many industries, but the tobacco industry is on the top of the list because of its demand. That’s why, in the market, many companies are working to provide tobacco products. Every company wishes to introduce itself as unique, and we try to fulfill their wish.

Our gorgeous custom empty cigarette boxes play the best role in boosting the sale. To customize the boxes, we work with CMYK and PMS colors because these are unique and have a wide range of colors. The rule is to use these color schemes to choose one CMYK and two PMS or two PMS and one CMYK.

You can generate special color that stands for your brand through this rule. For branding, the most important thing is a logo that works on your behalf. People identify the brands from their logo and color schemes. So, design the logo and select the color theme wisely. The custom empty cigarette boxes are printed with basic information like the company’s slogan, web address, contact number, and precautions.  

Printing on Fine Material 

To compete with other competitors, customer needs printed boxes that provide information about the product or company. There are many printing techniques to print the boxes, but our company prefers to work with such techniques that are handy and approachable for clients.

Our top-rank printing makes the custom blank cigarette boxes better looking. We work with silk screen printing, offset printing, flexographic printing, digital printing, and 3D printing. This printing converts the simple box into an informative box of custom blank cigarette boxes that help customers purchase the right thing for them. The additional printing techniques help to achieve this aim.

The two facilities that help out to prominent the text on boxes are embossing and debussing. Emboss printing pulls up the text on the boxes but debusses printing pulls down the text. These techniques vary in the quality of the material. If the material is of low quality, all techniques will be wasted. So, choose the right material for your custom empty cigarette boxes. 

The company has Kraft, corrugated, and cardboard for cigarette boxes. It is a plus point to attract the attention of consumers. This material never loses its sustainability, and you can use it much time. Tobacco is wrapped in paper with a high chance of losing its features and shape. But the cardboard material saves the cigarettes from humidity and other climate factors. 

Variety of Box Styling

Our company manufactures gorgeous styles of custom empty cigarette boxes that can boost sales. The boxes are roll end with lid, cube shape boxes, 1, 2, 3 auto bottom boxes, auto-lock cap boxes, full flat double tray boxes, foot lock tray boxes, handle bag boxes, and display boxes.

Every style has its look that grabs the attention of the buyers and increases the product’s shelf life. Some practical procedure enhances the beauty of our boxes. An Aqueous coating is a protective sheet used to keep away the stains, dust, and fingerprints.

One more way to catch consumers’ attention towards custom empty cigarette boxes is lamination. We work with three laminations like satin, glossy, and matt. Gloss and matt laminations are different from each other according to the result because one is used for shining, and the matt is used for a velvet look, but both look awesome. Gold and silver foiling are thin and small techniques, but their job is big to make the packaging lavish. 


Custom boxes zone works with multiple industries to provide them with custom boxes. Our company manufactures gorgeous styles of custom empty cigarette packaging boxes that can boost sales.

The boxes are roll end with lid, cube shape boxes, 1, 2, 3 auto bottom boxes, auto-lock cap boxes, full flat double tray boxes, foot lock tray boxes, handle bag boxes, and vitrine boxes. Our top-rank printing makes these styles look good, like silkscreen, offset, flexographic, digital, and 3D print. We use CMYK and PMS colors to print the boxes, and the selective color has become your identity.

You can select our additional services to make your boxes luxurious. The additional services are embossing, debussing, perforation, insertion, PVC sheet, UV spot, aqueous coating, stamp foiling, lamination, miniature, etc. Our company trust on such nature-friendly material for custom empty cigarette boxes. If you want to learn more about our services, contact our helpline 24/7, open for customers.

Join us

Custom boxes zone has a variety of deals to facilitate its valued clients. Our free shipping is obtainable in the USA and CANADA. Moreover, we arrange free mock-ups typifying for our customers if they are curious. The company’s team is 24/7 active to provide and guide you.

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