Key skills of the marketer of tomorrow

We could have worked on developing the soft skills that will help you stand out in the marketing industry. Creativity and imagination as assets, negotiation and persuasion skills, or even a good sense of organisation. Best Social Media Marketing Agency- in Washington can be are Key skills of the marketer of tomorrow

Following discussions with several speakers from the ISG International Business School, we have compiled a list of the essential skills expected of tomorrow’s marketer. We agree that a true Swiss army knife must have increasingly broad know-how to cover the increasingly specialised needs of companies-. Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington can be contacted.

1. Recognize and master the new levers

Our behaviour has undoubtedly changed as a result of health restrictions. They have created new expectations, new avenues for expression, connection, and promotion. A good marketer must be familiar with and comprehend them.

We obviously do not expect him to use tools solely for the sake of beauty: they must have meaning and consistency for the company or agency. As a result, it is necessary to understand how to distinguish between the various opportunities-


According to Facebook’s annual report, these provide numerous marketing opportunities. Their audience is growing, as are in-app ads, which are becoming more accepted as part of the gaming experience. There are still many more possibilities to explore!

The lives, as well as the video format in general

The video format is more natural, spontaneous, and genuine. He keeps audiences interested. Videos can be fixed, instant (like on TikTok and Instagram), or live. The big trend in containment is live. It not only allows you to create a link, but it also allows you to wait and experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), or the fear of missing out on something important.

Knowing how to master video editing is also a huge plus for creating more content.

This is not a new concept, but some platforms have emerged recently.

Yubo: an alternative to traditional social networks, this live-streaming platform is attracting an increasing number of 15-25-year-olds.

TikTok is THE social network for creativity, but its full potential has yet to be realised. Furthermore, 90% of its users use the app at least once per day.

Youtube is evolving into a true search engine. It would thus be worthwhile to pay attention to it, invest in it, and collaborate with YouTubers.

Whether for the latter or the “classics” (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn), the fundamentals remain understanding them in order to better exploit them. Each medium has a distinct personality! In this sense, we will not consume or feed them in the same way. Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington


In 2020, this audio format also exploded. Everyone will find something to their liking: lifestyle, testimony, reportage, fiction, news, corporate culture… Because of its ease of access and consumption, its rise is far from over.

At JUPDLC, we have four podcasts (La Revue du Social, Charbon, Insight, and even School Stories) where we express our values, discuss current events, highlight projects, and, most importantly, create a sense of proximity with our listeners.

master classes

This tool appears to be a good asset because there is a general desire to transmit, train, and mobilise. There is even talk of a “educational wave,” and it should be noted that tutorials are becoming more popular than ever.

2. Data management and analysis skills are essential.

Data is a major issue that is at the heart of many debates. Their acquisition, ownership, quality, processing, and exploitation… Data is widely recognised as the “new black gold.”

Yes, you are expected to be able to juggle these! Or, more precisely, to understand how to read, analyse, and interpret them. As a result, you will be able to use them effectively and implement appropriate strategies. For example, you must understand how to use the encrypted information on your website- and social networks: number of visits, number of clicks, number of followers… You must also be able to listen in on conversations and observe Web users’ behaviour. Allowing you to better understand and meet their expectations. Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington can be contacted.

3. Develop a content strategy that is both cohesive and creative.

An effective content strategy (also known as a content marketing strategy by those of us who are bilingual) is our most powerful ally. You should know how to create an editorial calendar, promote original content, prioritise quality over quantity, and master SEO techniques, among other things. And all while maintaining a creative spirit! The brand image must be distinct and reassuring. Customers expect honesty, sincerity, and authenticity…

To do so, you must understand:

Determine and prioritise your objectives (for example, increase your notoriety, prospect, build loyalty, federate, legitimise your positioning, etc.).

Getting to know each other: we all have stories to tell; all you have to do is find the art and the way to tell them. To speak about yourself, you must first understand yourself (values, missions, strengths, positioning, competitors, etc.)

Identifying your audience: to whom are you speaking? What are their requirements?

Make a clear editorial line, THE common thread.

Vary the content types (videos, photos, testimonials, interviews, articles, white papers, masterclasses, etc.) and always optimise them.

Select the best distribution platforms.

Measure and analyse actions (performance indicators)

4. writing

A good marketer, who is not a writer, can tell the difference between an effective text and one that will fail. This occurs at various levels, ranging from the words used in a presentation, during an agency brief, to the commercial wording of an email, to the tweet. Copywriting is an essential component of marketing, and thus of daily life.

Because we all have projects to complete, of varying natures and scales, their success will be determined by how we organise ourselves. This also applies to marketers.

As a result, we anticipate him being able to:

Over time, plan a project.

Make a budget, then define and stick to it.

Contingencies and risks must be managed and controlled while demonstrating agility.

Set objectives and strive to achieve the desired level of quality.

Organize and manage the interventions of various actors.

Form a steering committee.

At each key stage, create reference documents such as a brief, specifications, production file, recipe sheets, follow-up reports, feedback, and so on.

5. Be familiar with e-commerce.

Tomorrow’s marketer must be commercially savvy and understand online purchasing behaviour. This can be accomplished through an online survey (hot or cold), surveys, email campaigns, monitoring, and so on.

Indeed, the French are increasingly making online purchases. A brand must then ensure that it has an online catalogue. It’s critical. As an example, consider Snapchat, which uses Bitmojis as virtual advertising spaces for fashion brands. Or consider Instagram, which, like Pinterest, is expanding its shopping capabilities, or Pokemon Go, which recently announced a collaboration with The North Face Gucci. Because the field of possibilities remains vast, it is necessary to constantly discover new practises and identify promising channels.

The ability to master social media advertising and sales is also valued.

6. Be familiar with the mechanics of influencer marketing.

Despite being as old as the world, the influence continues to grow and now brings in billions. So much so that, seduced by this concept, an increasing number of brands are developing impactful and unique operations. Initially aimed at well-known personalities, this promotion strategy is now centred on the popularity of social network users. Everyone goes there, including Instagrammers, TikTokeurs, and Youtubeurs.

Of course, depending on the size of the community, there are different types of influencers: mega-influencers, macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers. The advantage of the “smaller” ones is that they have a high rate of engagement. Using influencers allows you to personalise and personify campaigns. Customers and prospects will be able to project themselves more easily because they will identify with these people “close” to them.

The following are the marketing influence levers:

The buzz kit: we use an influencer to promote the launch of a product. When people film themselves directly unpacking a product, this is referred to as “unboxing.”

Events: The is invited to participate and speak at promotional events, meet-ups, and so on.

Product placement: we include the product, in a more or less obvious way, in the seed video of our personality.

The takeover: For a limited time, we give bloggers control of our online accounts.

Sponsored content: We will sponsor content and pay someone to adopt our brand’s tone for the duration of a powerful message.

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