Know everything about ortholite insoles

An insole is a layer of material above the mid-sole of the shoes. It plays an integral part in the comfortability and durability of the shoes. In simple words, how the shoe feels depends on the insoles. There are many different materials used in making insoles worldwide by manufacturers, each of them unique property and servesanother purpose. In this article, we dive more into ortholite insoles, a material used to make shoe insoles to enhance the quality and comfortability of the shoes.


What are ortholite insoles?

An ortholite insole is made from ortholite foam ( as cushioning material) and other materials or fabrics to make the shoes comfortable while walking. Ortholite is an open-cell foam produced by a plastic fabrication company of Amherst, Massachusetts, O2 Partners LLC. It has some features of memory foam and is known as a superior or improve form of memory foam utilize insoles.

What do ortholite insoles do for you?

The features of ortholite will make you understand the working and how it help in the comfortability of shoes.

Softness & stability

The ortholite insole shoes make you feel like you are walking on soft cotton; they provide softness under the feet. When the load of your foot reduces when you walk or push off, the ortholite works like spring and gives your feet a lift to provide support and stability. 


The ortholite insoles allow the air to pass through as your foot load compresses and decompresses the material, making the footwear breathable and comfortable while running and walking in summer.

Moisture Management

The air holds the moisture vapor, so when the air passes through the shoe. The moisture will also pass along with the air and makes your shoes odor-free and bacteria-free. 


They are make using recycle foam waste, water rubber, and bio-oil, which is good for the environment.


Other Benefits of Ortholite insoles


The ortholite insole shoes are long-lasting compared to the memory foam as it removes the moisture and let the air pass through.


They are machine washable.


The ortholite insole shoes are comfortable as the insoles provide you support and stability while walking with softness.


When your shoes are not breathable, your feet sweat more, and the more sweat means the risk of feet infections as the bacteria and virus’s action will increase. In ortholite, the air and moisture are managed and give you a cooler-drier inner shoe environment to keep your feet sweat-free & no bacterial action, thus a much healthier option.


What’s new?

New upgraded ortholite insole

The manufacturers upgraded the ortholite insole with fusion technology named ortholite fusion insoles. They are utilize to enhance the performance and comfort of shoes. It is create using two layers of open-cell foam construction with two different foams.  


What changes?

The fusion technology insoles are highly breathable, super lightweight, provide durable cushioning technology, a much softer and cooler-drier inner shoe environment.

The ortholite fusion insoles come in the full size and need to be trimmed to fit into the length of the insole.


Final thoughts

The ortholite insoles and fusion insoles enhance the comfort and performance of the shoes. And provide long-term cushioning while promoting a healthier environment in the shoe.


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