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Learn How Do I Put Page Numbers On A PDF File

Are you looking for a solution for how do I put page numbers on a PDF file? If yes, then you are at the right place, this write-up will help you learn multiple solution for putting page numbers on a PDF file. But before starting with the solution, let us first discuss why it is necessary to put page numbers to PDF files

Reasons to Put Page Numbers to PDF Documents

  • One can easily sort documents when sequential numbers are added to a PDF
  • Users can search for a specific topic on PDF files having page numbers
  • It helps you to keep track of their progress while they read an individual PDF document

Different Ways to Put Page Numbers on A PDF File

Manual Process

  1. Download and open Adobe Acrobat Dc and open a PDF document to put pages to it
  2. On the Submenu bar, click on Tools>> Pages
  3. Now, choose Header and Footer >> Add header and footer
  4. Then, on the Font Name drop-down menu, opt for your chosen font
  5. On the Font Size menu, select the font size for putting bates numbers to your PDF
  6. After that, on the Header and Footer text box, select the Wanted Path where you want to position the Bates number
  7. Hit on the Insert page number to add page numbers on the PDF
  8. At last, check the preview of your PDF files on the preview screen and press OK

An Alternative way to Perform How Do I Put Page Numbers On A PDF File

Since there are some drawbacks of the free manual method and some users may find it overlong and time-consuming, various users choose to utilize a professional tool like PDF Bates Stamping that can quickly solve the issue of how do I put page numbers on a PDF file without facing any difficulty. It is one of the best application to add bates number and bates stamp to countless PDF files in single processing without loss of database. First, let’s go to follow the step-by-step working process to put page numbers on a PDF file without any problem.

Working Guide of the third Party Tool

  1. Download, install & run PDF Bates Stamping Program on your system
  2. Choose anyone from the provided options like as Generate Bates Number and Generate Bates Numbers For File Series
  3. Now, add PDF Files with the utilization of Add File or Add Folder options. Don’t forget to mark the checkbox Remove Encryption From PDF Files if you want to decrypt your encrypted PDF files and click Next to move further
  4. Then, opt desired bates number option like Prefix, Suffix, Page Numbers, Increment By, etc. to put bates stamping on opted PDF files
  5. After that, take the needed Bates Stamp Position, Font Size & Color, File Naming Options, and Desired Location to save the resulting PDF files. After opting required option, click on the Next to move to the next step
  6. Now, click the Preview button to check the preview of PDF files in the PDF Viewer Application
  7. Lastly, click on the Generate button to initiate the task

Key Features of PDF Bates Stamping Tool

  • Allows to put large bates stamp and page numbers to unlimited PDF file in one go
  • Supports adding custom numbers to PDF as per requirement
  • Removes all kinds of encryption from PDF documents
  • Preview PDF files before starting PDF bates numbering
  • Offers option to set bates position, font size & colour
  • Compatible with all Window OS platform- 11,10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP etc.

Final Words

Putting page numbers on a PDF file is an important task for all who are dealing with multiple PDF files. In this segment, we have discussed the reasons and multiple methods to help users solve their how do I put page numbers on PDF file” issues. Users can go with any method as per their needs. If you go with an alternative solution i.e. PDF Bates Stamping then it is also available as a free trial version which allows putting only 5 pages of selected PDF files along with CubexSoft Demo Stamp, free of cost.

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