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Muslim roles and responsibilities Muslims must also believe in angels. Angels belong to the unseen world, which we can’t prove scientifically. God must allow people to see Angels. Muslims believe in Angels because they are mentioned in the Holy Quran and the Hadith (Prophet Muhammad’s sayings). We should also know about angels’ duties with Quran teachers.

God describes Angels in His Holy Book, The Quran. Angels predate humans, but we don’t know when. Angels are pure light (Noor in Arabic). They’re luminous. Angels are stronger and faster than humans. Angels have abilities humans lack. God calls Angels his servants.

Angels mean ‘to assist and help’ in Arabic. Angels worship God day and night and never disobey Him. They worship Allah constantly, without tiring.

Angels execute Allah’s commands. Angels have no material needs.

Angels don’t eat, sleep, marry, or reproduce. Angels are immortal. Angels created with Prophet Adam, and peace be upon him, still exist today and will until the Day of Judgment. Angels are so numerous that we can’t fathom their number. Unknown. According to Prophet Muhammad, the 7th Heaven has a sacred house called Al-Bayat Al-Mahmoor (The Much-Frequented House). This house is above the Kaaba in Najd (known as Saudi Arabia today). Every day, 70,000 Angels circle this house, leave, and never return. Quran

Angels are neither male nor female.

Angels are beautiful, except for the hellfire guardian, who never laughs. The largest angels are beyond our imagination. The Angel Gabriel descended from Heaven to teach the Prophets how to preach their religion. Some Angels have 2, 3, or 4 pairs of wings. Angel Gabriel’s 600 wings block the horizon between Heaven and Earth.

The distance between the Angels’ earlobes and shoulders is equivalent to a 700-year journey. Most Angels live in the sky, and there aren’t a space four fingers long without an Angel worshipping and praising their Lord. Angels can take human forms, like those who visited Prophet Abraham and the Virgin Mary.

Angel status, rank, and categories vary.

Higher-level Angels exist. Islam doesn’t teach about fallen angels. Islam doesn’t believe humans become angels after death. Islam doesn’t consider Angels God’s children.

Angels are God’s servants and messengers who serve His kingdom in full obedience. Some angels execute God’s law on earth. Angels constantly surround humanity, but nobody sees them. The ‘honorable scribes’ record humanity’s deeds. Each person has two Angels who record every good and evil deed; nothing is missed.

Angels pray for those who give alms or teach Islam. Angels love believers and beg God to forgive them. Angels protect believers at home while traveling, and while sleeping. Angels have unseen and physical duties.

The Holy Quran and Sunnah (Hadith) name several angels, including:

Gabriel delivers Allah’s Revelation to His Prophets.

Angel Mikael directs rain, food, crops, and sustenance with God’s Will.

Angel Israfeel blows the trumpet on Judgment Day.

Angel Maalik leads the Hellfire Guardians.

Angel Munkar and Angel Nakir are responsible for grave-robbing.

Angels Harut and Marut tested Babylonians’ faith.

Heaven’s Guardian Angel

(Malak Al-Maut) Responsible for taking souls from bodies after death by God’s Will.

Islam mentions other Angels, but not by name. Angels aren’t divine or semi-divine, so they shouldn’t be worshipped, prayed to, or revered. Angels don’t bring God’s prayers. Angels obey God’s orders. A Muslim knows Angels are God’s creation. God is a free and independent Deity who gains nothing from others’ worship. He doesn’t need the Angels’ help or to be worshipped by them or humans.

“Allah owns Heaven and earth. Allah is Needless and Laudable” 31:26

One must learn about Angels to ponder, reflect, and reaffirm the Greatness of their Creator. Knowing and believing in Angels adds to one’s awe of God, who created this great being and can create whatever He wills. The awe and magnificence of God’s creation reveal His glory and majesty. This should humble and increase God’s consciousness, love, and fear. Knowing of the Angels would also remind one that his actions are continuously recorded by Angels, decreasing sins and increasing good deeds.

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