Let us see whether 1tb is best more than 500 gb

A hard drive is one of the important parts in the computer, which is that files, images, videos, and everything are stored in a hard drive. The hard disk contains a spinning platter with a thin magnetic coating. It is connected with the motherboard; advanced technology attachment, serial, parallel ATA, or system interface cable and among other formats.

is 1tb more than 500gb

The storage of capacities is the most efficient to do the work. If the storage is full then PC fast might be turned down. While we are choosing a hard drive there is a lot of confusion about how to choose a hard drive, but according to our work, we have to choose a hard drive. gigabytes is 1tb more than 500gb is enough for using the computer

Difference between 1tb and 500 gb

  • 1tb is double enough storage according to the 500 gb. 1tb is consists of 1000 gigabytes, The storage is much twice compare to 500gb. 1tb gives you enough space to store apps, files, images, and videos.
  • 1tb is the best choice for storage space and overall system speed and performance. You might store a lot of files on the drive so definitely, 1tb is a great choice for storage.
  • 500 gb is also very good to work it also has a lot of space for storage and is 1tb more than 500gb system performance is also good but according to the storage 1tb is a better to choice
  • Casual users like computers and laptops. 500 gb will be enough to work because they use ordinary work.
  • The business employee and office staff do a lot of work and they store a lot of files and projects in their system, so 1tb is a great choice to use.

How 1tb works on the system

1tb contains 1024 gb which is a faster process to do work, while you are downloading the game you can go for 1tb drive. Compared to 500 gb, the 1tb is smoother to play games and it also makes it faster. It does not cause any disturbance while playing the game. In 1tb, PlayStation gives you the freedom to play a game because it has a lot of space storage.

1tb drives are available in the market. Price may differ according to the gigabytes, 1tb are cost-effective but storage capacity is very much enough to do work. We can purchase 1tb hard disks from computer shops like reliance digital, dell exclusive stores and is 1tb more than 500gb  we can purchase from online websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Indiamart  and Amazon application and it has warranty.


The 1tb external hard drive is the most efficient, it is smoother and faster to do work. We can enjoy it while using our system. We don’t have any disturbance while working in the system. The 1tb is a great choice compared to the 500 gb. The 1tb model is a little bit costly according to 500 gb but 1tb is much better for business people because they keep on doing their work and storing their files and projects.

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