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In this period of hipsterism– Hop, where the Mac Miller Merch blogosphere is brimming with papers about the shit that Chief Keef does or doesn’t like, vids of DMX’s unexpectedly accurate covers of Christmas chorales, and analysis of the twitter beef between 50 Cent and French Montana, it seems nearly stimulating when an artist emerges with no other motive than to make good music. No ulterior motives.

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no gimmicksjust good hipsterism Hop. I suppose that Phonte might have said it stylish on the Little Family song Mac Miller Hoodie When we are on stage, the people they all fronttip beatstip rhymes, what further doy’ all want?” sorely, it seems that the answer to this question is’ lots.’ With the rare exceptions of gallants like Kendrick Lamar, Big Krit, or Joey Bada$$, the millions infrequently feel to give people a chance until there is  they’ve some other gimmick to attach their brand to. Juxtaposed agains.

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this folklore of ironic appreciation, the rise of rapper Rapsody, a contemporary to these forenamed artists, seems particularly intriguinganalogous to Little Family, Rapsody, whose love for hipsterism– Hop culture is anything but ironic, is a North Carolina native whose career.

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sound have been heavily shaped by fabulous patron 9th Wonder. This love of the culture is apparent just one nanosecond into her reader The Idea of Beautiful.” I watch about’em too much to not say nothin” Rapsody says on the song” provocation,” an undertone of urgency in her voiceBeginning with a beautifully honest spoken word piece, the song‘s lush soundscape sets the tone for the rest of the readerTrue to the 9th Wonder influence, the Mac Miller Merch Store soulful, smash– bap beats; a message to more times yet ever still wholly ultramodern.

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like a wide range of beats, but the soulful beats reallyreally do commodity for me. They inspire me more. You can not beat the soul.” When examining Rapsody’s lyrical content, these influences come rather apparentDrawing on the lyrical dexterity of a dude like Mos Def, she frequently raps with the sincerity of a Big Pooh, incorporating an turnabout of knowledge analogous to that of Lauryn Hill’s. Rapsody is no couch potato on the mic.

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This sense of modesty is greatly apparent in indeed the shortest of exchanges with Rapsody and it’s commodity that makes its way into her music. Overwhelmingly, this helps make the communication that Rapsody is trying to convey much further poignantSincere songs like” Precious bodies,” for illustration, are so intimate that it’s nearly like Rapsody is giving a listener.

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her particular journalfully comfortable being herself on the microphone, it’s remarkable how Rapsody has been suitable to find such a unique voice so beforehand in her career when other artists have had to struggle for times to find a analogous position of verity. She bandied the significance of this in my interview with her. When I asked her if she’s ever felt pressure to try and keep up with some of.

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I surely felt that pressure at first because, I mean, it’s 9th Wonder and you want to do the stylish you can. But now, I realized that I’ve to be comfortable in my own skin and I’ve to enthrall my own lane.” She further bandied this idea when I asked her about what she does to separate herself from all the other music out there.

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