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Mailchimp Integration with SuiteCRM: How to use it?

Mailchimp is the frontline Marketing platform for all businesses. SuiteCRM software is the ultimate choice to keep up-to-date information about your customers. Integrating both platforms is the biggest advantage because it aids users to work faster and you can see extravagant growth in your email marketing operation. 

Your job now is to invest in a product like “Mailchimp Integration in SuiteCRM”. Because it syncs crucial information on both platforms in real-time. We have curated this powerful extension that will share all such tremendous functionality you need for your company’s growth. 

Why should you invest in our Product?

If this question is bouncing around your head then we have the perfect answer for this. 

In the past, all growth-minded organizations have followed the practice of sharing newsletters from the Mailchimp marketing tool (one of the greatest of all time). After sharing it, they manually update their customer information in SuiteCRM (Mandatory to do as your CRM must have all key details of your customers). 

Handling both the platforms is Grating as it eats up your time. Perhaps you have bigger fish to fry. If your team follows the same procedure then who is going to handle your priority work for business enhancement?

So, your CRM Business should pour your dollars into the SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration add-on. The core functionality is Real-time and bi-directional synchronization. If you choose Mailchimp for sharing all your campaign work and updating information. SuiteCRM software automatically gets updated in real-time and vice-versa. Micro-managing both platforms is not so Daedalian task from now onwards. Ultimately, it saves your time too. 

Does it create the same Record twice?

Let’s discuss this functionality in-depth.

Suppose you receive another record from your leads with a similar email address. Do you want that new record to be created by the same person? Don’t you think it can create confusion? Duplicate records should be eliminated! So, our plugin is advanced enough to handle this operation. How? 

This product will scan the existing record first so that no duplicate record should be created in your CRM. If the extension finds the record with a similar email address then no new record will be created. It will update it in the existing record. 

What this Product is capable of Sync? Any idea?

This is a question to ponder over.

Invest in this durable plugin and you can see it bi-directional syncs the Tags, Subscriber’s List, Record from the modules, Customer Mailchimp fields, etc. 

From where you can see the metrics related to your Email Campaign? It’s important to know, after all, you can prepare your campaign better the next time according to the result. 

See the Subscriber Dashboard. You can track all your essential metrics such as web ID, Mailchimp ID, Record module, etc. 

The product assists in assigning One Mailchimp accounts to a specific module. One of the most essential functions of this product! 

Multiple Mailchimp accounts synchronization is possible?

If you want the Premium version of this versatile product then we believe you must be aware of this vital functionality. A user can sync various Mailchimp accounts in SuiteCRM software. 

Free Trial Period facility is available

To get in-depth of all functionalities, start with a 3 Day Risk-Free Trial period. You can also take the advantage of Free Product Tour service. 

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