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In this article, we are going to give you the side by side comparison of two email marketing automation platforms i.e. Mailchimp and Drip. If you are reading this article then presumably you are either going to purchase your first email marketing platform or switch from an existing one. This Mailchimp vs Drip blog will give you enough information to make a sound decision for your business.


Before diving into the comparison and pros & cons of Mailchimp and Drip, let’s have a look at a brief overview of both.


Mailchimp is a vintage player in the email marketing industry. It was founded in 2001 and since then, it has been up, running, and growing successfully. Mailchimp nearly holds 70 percent market share in the SaaS-based marketing automation platform market.

Mostly small business owners or solopreneurs use Mailchimp because of its freemium plan. Mailchimp’s free plan allows the users to send emails to 2000 contacts in a month. Usually, this number is enough for most SMEs. However, it doesn’t mean that Mailchimp is not a fit for large enterprises. They have some big names in their clientele like TED, Vimeo, etc. There is 


On the other hand, Drip is a comparatively new platform. It was launched in 2013. Apparently, it has more advanced and automated. Their targeted audience is eCommerce store owners who want to reach their customers through automated marketing campaigns.

They even have dedicated features for the eCommerce store owners like visual automated builders and action-based emails.

Mailchimp vs Drip: Features Comparison

Below we have compared the features of Mailchimp and Drip. This will give you an idea about both and paint a clear distinction. Without further ado, let’s delve into it.



Mailchimp has a very intuitive interface and workflow just like typical industry standards. This makes it easier for users to go through and effortlessly use the functionality of the platform. Some might argue that the user interface of Mailchimp is vintage, but it can be ignored to some extent.


As you know, Drip is newer than Mailchimp, the UI of Drip compliments that statement. It is more fluid and visually appealing. Even though it has more advanced features, the animation makes it easy for users to flow and navigate through the platform.

Email Campaigns


Mailchimp provides the three options for running an email campaign i.e. Regular, Automated, and Plain-text. You can use it for sending newsletters, promotional offers, announcements, and much more. Let’s have a look at all three types of campaigns.

  • Regular: In a regular email campaign, you simply need to name the campaign and then select the recipients. After that choose the email template from the arsenal that Mailchimp offers. Perform some necessary customization and then send it.
  • Automated: As the name suggests, these campaigns trigger automatically based on the actions of the customers. Suppose someone left a cart abandoned then an email will shoot on the preset time with the template of your choice to that particular customer only.
  • Plain-text: If you want to stick to the old school then you can simply choose the plain-text email campaign. It’s just like a regular campaign but instead of email templates, you will be using plain-old text.


In Drip, you get the two options for running an email campaign i.e. campaigns and broadcasts. Using both of these features you can start automated drip campaigns and bulk email campaigns. Let’s have a look at both.

  • Campaigns: These are just like the drip emails i.e. pre-scheduled emails will be sent to the customers based on their actions. The campaign will be triggered in cases like checkout, return, add to cart, or even simple product browsing.
  • Broadcast: It will allow the user to send an email to multiple recipients at the same time. Usually, this is used for making announcements or festive offers.

As of now, the Mailchimp vs Drip faceoff is sort of equal for both sides. But there is a feature which can give an upper hand to Drip. We are talking about scarcity emails that comprise the “Expiring URLs”. This exclusive feature empowers marketers and sales personnel.


In this article, we have just expired the tip of the iceberg, the Mailchimp vs Drip comparison goes the long way. You can check out our full fledged article on this topic to get the entire picture. Undoubtedly, both platforms are top-notch and have an amazing set of features, but the last choice narrowed down to requirements of individuals. Drip beats Mailchimp when it comes to the email campaign itself, on the other hand, Mailchimp is very reliable and suitable for all sized of businesses. As per the usage statistics and user’s choice, Mailchimp seems to be a frontrunner, but Drip is also taking huge strides and swallowing the market of Mailchimp.

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