Make your Christmas Special with our Christmas Gift Boxes

Presents probably belong to Christmas festivals like Santa Claus. Children and adults are waiting all year round and are looking forward to a Christmas gift box that they will definitely receive at midnight Christmas. Remember when you were with your friends and family and enthusiastically opened the gifts under the tree. Do you miss it anymore?

The Happy Packaging

As a premium packaging company, we recommend that you do not maintain something strictly business-like. You must convey your feelings about the holiday with a happy Christmas Gift Boxes packages. As common with many popular brands, you can launch your product in a limited-edition Christmas gift box. Customers certainly appreciate the extra effort and gestures behind it.

Confused With the Material Selection?

Material selection is of utmost importance while considering Christmas boxes for gifts. It should be durable yet appealing. Some trendy yet reliable material for Christmas gift boxes includes eco-friendly kraft, e-flute corrugated board and cardboard.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Christmas Gift Box

Kraft paper is by far the strongest paper material. Lignin is removed during pulp production and the proportion of cellulose is high. In addition, kraft paper treated with minimal chemicals retains its durability. As a result, the tensile strength is high and it is difficult to tear. Not only is kraft paper known for its high tear strength, but its light weight also keeps transportation costs low. Kraft paper is considered a sustainable material due to its much more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Kraft paper is rarely strongly bleached, which reduces the strength of the paper. It also requires less bleach throughout production. Above all, one of the main advantages of kraft pulp is that it can recover about 90% of the pulp chemicals and reuse them in an economical way. This makes the process more sustainable and has minimal environmental impact.

E-Flute Corrugated Christmas Gift Box

E-flute corrugated board is a paper-based material consisting of grooved corrugated board and one or two flat liner boards. These cardboard sheets can provide proper external protection for the box and  be  available in single-layer and double-wall versions. Some of its features include the provision of custom sizes and the selection of various outer, middle, and inner paper surface materials such as corrugated board, and brown kraft paper. As a layer separator, it is suitable for reinforcement during transportation, pallets for protecting edges, etc.

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Bux Board Christmas Gift Box

Bux cardboard boxes are considered the perfect packing material. These durable and strong boxes are made of the best eco-friendly materials to keep your products and environment safe and clean. Due to their sturdy material, these packs are widely known for packaging retail products. If you have a large number of orders to deliver, these boxes are perfect. They are cheap and these features will be more effective for your business growth. These boxes can be styled to any size and shape. Originally manufactured brown boxes can be designed in any colour according to your wishes. The main purpose of the package is to keep the products in the package safe. The package is easy to use, heavy, light, fragile, expensive, and needs to be strong enough to protect cheap things.

Cardboard Christmas Gift Boxes

Cardboard boxes play an important role in the success of brands and retailers. High-quality prints, graphics, product visualisation, and printed branding aspects help brands and retailers gain brand awareness by helping them stand out in the market. The box is a blank canvas-like  that you can create with the appropriate design and image. Since paperboard is a recyclable material, it is very easy to dispose of and does not require any special treatment for disposal or recycling. The paperboard is so light, the shipping costs will not increase that much. Therefore, it is considered a relatively inexpensive and cost-friendly packaging material.

Shipment in Australia

To make shipment easy, we transport Christmas gift boxes in Australia in un-assembled and flat form. In this way they aren’t only safe from any kind of damage but also have space to accommodate more quantity. We promise to deliver you your Christmas gift boxes safely and on time.

Join Hands with OXO Packaging

If you are looking for the perfect packaging partner, your search ends here. We do not compromise on the quality of material and printing no matter how small your order is. We guarantee at least 95% printing colours the same as the software displayed design. Our turnaround time is 12 to 15 days so don’t worry and order us to get timely delivery at your doorstep without any hassle. We can accommodate all designs and sizes for your Christmas boxes, any color printing and colour scheme you want, so contact us today and get your free generic samples for your satisfaction!!

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