Minecraft Things You Do Wrong Every Day

You might be doing wrong in Minecraft piercing there are 20 different ways to solve your problem which means that sometimes you might be doing the least effective option without even knowing it. so today let’s fix that and solve the Minecraft everyday activities that you’ve been doing wrong.

Number 1

See if you’ve got a small thin set up we’re smelting more than a stack of items in time probably through the use of a hopper it turns out that crafting noncoal into a block of coal actually gives you more burning power than just using noncoal separately.

You see we crafted into a block now does he could wind up 10 coal smelts never big smelting jobs it’s the way to go but if you’re just doing a few items here and there then it’s really just best to use regular coal split up like in blade and sorcery mods.

Number 2

This is what I’m personally guilty of and lately, I’ve been trying to cut back you see even though chest sore staple of Minecraft storage as it turns out in most cases they might not be the best option as it stands most of the time.

Pearls are just a much better option to use the more efficient resources and more importantly, they’re gonna save you from a tunnel lag down the road basically whenever possible check out the chest just stick the barrels for your options.

Number 3

zombie gold forms are a huge help to have in mind crass arrival well well the rest of the items that you get are easy to sort you are going to get a lot of golden sorts coming up your chats after your first double chest full of broken gold sorts.

You’re probably just want to trash the things but not too fast because it actually turns out that you can smell the golden sword and get an extra not get out of it and sure enough after a while but extra gold is going to add up.

Number 4

Everyone knows that when you start up a New World the wooden tools we make at the beginning or quickly gonna be outclassed well that’s to be expected you should just throw them away.

Those do the soon as they’re done for you see when you’re starting out any resources that you have a hot commodity.

If you’re not using it a mostly broken wooden tool to smelt up other things in a furnace then you’re doing it wrong and plus it’s a bit more sentimental send. Often just throwing things into a ditch.

Number 5

When taking a staircase in Minecraft I think a lot of us tend to think a little too short term because sure mine a 2 block tall staircase on the way down to the mines is fine.

But as soon as you try to pack up that staircase you’re going to hit your head on every single one of those ceiling blocks you don’t have to do anything fancy just an extra blocker to can make it way less painful would go down to your minds.

Number 6

I get it math isn’t on any of our priority lists but sometimes when you manage to crunch the numbers you can actually save yourself some resources for example if you’re ever going to bow to smelting one logs fuel.

You’re doing it wrong if you just turn that one log in a crafting table in the 4 planks now all of a sudden you’re doing a 4 times return we would normally smelt and plus it’s just fun to get quadruple the results for minimal effort.

Number 7

Another gold is gained a lot of popularity first used in pickling barter and so we’re trying to round up some more cash to make it rain Porky pig this is definitely the best way to go about it.

You see when you mind other gold or with a fortune pickax, you’re just gonna get a handful of nuggets instead you should always you soak touch on this ordinance Mel B. or down for single in getting sickness trade this directly to the penguins and walk away with your wards simple as that.

Number 8

Lighting up caves while you’re mining is obviously a good idea but in specific situations, you might be placing your orders wrong because obviously the worst scenario.

We want to avoid is the police report is on the ground you go to mine that diamond or and all the sudden all this water splashes in your face just like that your torches are wiped clean.

I can’t see your way back up to the surface rather if you place your torches on the walls and you can afford a lot of that same hassle.

Number 9

look when you plan on harder difficulties I’m a lot of times spotters seem like more trouble than they’re worth but then the problem becomes after I’ve gone through all of that when I want to actually make a farm.

I have to go find any spawner even though at the moment it might be a house we’re going to deactivate one of the sponsors on the spot the XP and items that you’re going to get after the fact definitely make up for it.

So in the future let’s just try to think about the long term. Irma maybes torches for these going forward.

Number 10

I’m sure we’ve all heard from our parents time and time again to pick up after mass but who would have thought the device to be sold clickable in Minecraft.

As you can see if you leave around too many items in the ground especially when you’re mining in the cave and all it takes is just one zombie to walk overtake up an item and now it’s not going to D. spawn this can become quite a large problem if you have this happening over and over again maybe just get rid of the item with Flynn Steele.

Number 11

It’s a real pain in the brain we’re getting ready to start a big building project you go and check your chest and all of a sudden you’re coming up short on things like stone and cobble knoll fully admit.

They’re not the most valuable materials in Minecraft far from it but they’re almost essential when it comes to these types of bills so in the future when your branch is mining or digging through the haze to be can you might want to store them a couple of these blocks.

Number 12

When building a Minecraft stairs could be a great item to use that depth to your bases so for making a lot of them using a crafting table you’re doing it wrong.

This mostly applies to people who complain about mine crescent before the stone cutter was added in because as soon as you see how many blocks this conceive you when applicable it really is no reason not to use this thing when you’re crafting as many stairs I do it really does add up so I’m gonna take my discounts when I can’t.

Number 13

When you’re getting ready to start a big project most of us like to have little tiny base camps that we can refer back to most of the time there’s nothing too complex going on here.

We got temporary storage in crafting setups and the like but she reminded everyone who does this as soon as you’re done.

The project remembers to take those out trust me nothing quite takes away from the side of your cool new build what happened to see the little tool kit left around.

Number 14

Few things in Minecraft are quite as much of an eyesore as creeper’s whole look it happens sometimes when you’re fighting the creeper it’s Scott explode but even though it’s a completely understandable mistake.

You don’t need to go left around the evidence everywhere everyone is played on a multiplayer server knows one person who doesn’t take the time to fill creeper holes or worse doesn’t even feel the men correctly just clean up the job and don’t let the creepers get the best your world.

Number 15

Villages can be one of the most helpful resources in Minecraft which is all the more reason that you should never be hanging around one without sleeping I don’t care if most of the time it turns out all right.

Because every time the U. hit midnight you have a 10 percent chance of spawning zombie siege and folks it only takes one of those completely ruin your population really.

Let’s be honest there are beds everywhere in the village if you’re not using one of those to sleep they just got to get out of town

Number 16

When you first start up a Minecraft world it’s not hard to find trees as far as the eye can see more than the feeling he did you think that you can get away with taking out a couple of them without replanting them.

Only takes a few repeats of that process before your baby starts slow which is why obviously the best way to go about it is to be your team tree’s self and replant every single tree they chopped down and best yet this is sure to keep your mother nature’s good side.

Number 17

When you start trying to work your way through the villager trading market then you definitely got to be looking out for this because sure it’s definitely cool to re-roll your bills and are constantly trying to get the best one.

But if you don’t convert the villager to a zombie and then change it back right after you’re just wasting some good traits.

If you’re not looking to get the hero the village affects all the time this is definitely a way to save a couple of your emeralds on your next book.

Number 18

You see what is possible sure white sheep and then take its wall to die in the crafting table to craft a new color wall for that same one die you could change the wall color of another sheep now every single sheer that you do is going to give you that new wall all it takes is one round of sugar in your heart he said.

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Number 19

Well, most players know these critical hits, and P. V. P. this talking to a fair amount of damage when you’re doing it just against mobs for example take this Pillager mob if we use another rate soared normally.

We can kill the thing in 3 hits but if we use critical stabs instead they were getting the job done too just like that you’ll be saving yourself time and durability would you pull things.

Number 20

Laying out a red stone contraption could be tough work nothing kills the pride of putting in all that hard work just have to be broken.

Because you placed it in our regular ground block you see if you’re doing a red stone and naturally occurring block.

Then it’s just gonna be a recipe for confusion so instead of just color-code your contraption which in turn makes threats don’t even easier to fix as now you can just look at one part instead of the whole thing

Number 21

I don’t know potions can sometimes feel like a chore however there are some situations where you just got to bring these pals along.

For example, if you’re someone who in the overworld always carries around a water bucket in the hop bar then when you go to the other you should always change that out for the fire resistance potion known.

What potion to bring in one can be a huge help when you’re going around your Minecraft world and more importantly so get you out of danger when you need to.

Number 22

Potions of harming could do some real damage but if you’re making your site with the potion of healing you might want to reconsider you see this post me proof rather than a potion of healing or one of poison.

If you compare the ingredients the goal necessary for the glitz string melon is much more useful elsewhere than the spider.

In alternative spiders are only useful I think it is very much happier to make your death post this way in simple Goldblum’s for a better investment.

Number 23

When you play Minecraft long enough to miss clicks are sure to happen it will most of the time they’re just no harm no foul if you’re holding around axle time then you could cause some damage.

I have a bad habit of doing this every time I try to open up a door with an ax always just hit the logs that are on either side of it so to save yourself from this kind of Bersih mistake in the future just go around the world hold and some other tool.

Your hands and then you can just save Iraq’s for 1 it’s actually useful

Number 24

Fisher Minecraft is the pastime but sure to take a while so if you’re looking to save yourself from the tedium then you should never be fishing on the spot but doesn’t allow for the rain bonus as some you might know.

If you actually fishing a spot while it’s raining in the open air you’re actually able to get a few extra points when you’re fishing.

So really if you find yourself constantly caster line down in the dark then you should take your fishing rod moved up into the open air expect to reap the rewards.

Number 25

Every now and then you run a little low on a resource like clay and I got to go dig at the bottom of the lake and even though the amount that you need might be pretty small.

You should never be taken underwater without an air pocket or aqua affinity mining while you’re submerged takes 5 times longer than doing it regularly which is a significant difference.

If your money multiple blocks of time it really adds up fast so we don’t have enough levels of rock affinity that at the very least plot out the time to give yourself an air pocket.

Number 26

The way the leveling up in Minecraft works is that it takes progressively more E. X. P. to get to the next level that’s why folks there’s very little reason to ever go too far past level 341 like we said a lot of that new X. P. is getting wasted.

The higher and higher than you’re going but it also means that after you die you could lose all of those levels for nothing and since Minecraft animals have a level limit then it seems like even moe Jack just wanted to go too high over that cap just too low will 13 cash out.

Number 27

Stockpiling the US vendor to both find and fix the M. portal is a lot of work and it’ll definitely turn your day sour if you finally find that portal any tone of enough eyes actually filling up which is why folks,

When you’re on the search for the portal you should never be constantly using the eyes offender each time they were cast 1 of those out you, ‘re just roll the dice that’s gonna break just stick to minimalism about a really be all you need.

Number 28

Whenever you’re maxing out your power 5 both there’s always a question of which in shame you wanna at Mendon or infinity since the 2 are mutually exclusive you got to choose 1 of them but to be honest if you’re choosing to mend but I really think you’re doing it wrong it’s just.

Full numbers game folks when you look at the resources that you’re saving amending bow only save so much on the string then the king finna be both saves on eros so for what it’s worth just took to the infinity enchantment.

Number 29

Nothing else of the panic of dine-in Minecraft quite like seeing this show up on your screen so to prevent that even though it may look nice to have your bread decorated like this you really shouldn’t build blocks that could obstruct you from Spahn.

If you’re playing an older version such as 1.12 before did you really gotta watch out for that change all it takes is a better class or snow golem around your bed to mean you’ll never respond there again and without folks stumble into the red sell button below and have a good one all right?

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