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Mobile App For Shopify: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Shopify is the leading ecommerce website builder platform with a highly featured, easy to use ecommerce solution. The best in quality, secure and user-friendly platform.

This ecommerce platform offers 14 days free trial to the merchants for building their dream project of an online store. They provided an advanced drag & drop customisation solution for business owners. Shopify also helps to boost online sales & organise information in a single platform.

We all know that mobile users are using mobile apps more as compared to websites. It facilitates an enhanced user experience and boosts your revenue. Having a mobile app helps your Shopify store stand out in the competitive market, and reach its target audience.

Benefits of Having Mobile App For Shopify Store

Here are the top benefits of having a mobile app for your online store. We have explained the more benefits for you below:

More Engagement

Mobile apps are the best way to connect with potential customers. In mobile apps, push notification is a powerful tool to send offers, coupons, big discounts, etc. to the buyer’s mobile directly.

This is a great way to connect with loyal customers and engage them with great deals. Also, other features include live chat, fast check out, user-friendly and many more. It is impossible to achieve that from a website. 

Brand Awareness

Once customers install the app, they will see your brand logo or icon every day. It is a massive chance to increase brand identity.

It is rare chances, customers will remember your brand and check upcoming deals and new arrivals from day to day.

The best way to increase brand awareness is by contacting customers directly using push notifications.  

User Experience

This is an important factor when customers visit your website. User experience depends on the design, functionality, branding, Accessible, Credible, etc. with this customer will back to your store and shop again. 

That is why MobiApp provides your buyers with the best user experience and makes sure that they have a seamless shopping experience.

Faster Response Time & Check Out

If your site is slow or waiting for page loading, the shoppers will not come again for shopping. 

As compared to websites, mobile apps have a much faster response time. This is the main usage for shoppers to download the app instead of visiting websites.

For faster checkout, mobile apps offer an effortless checkout process with saving shipping & payment preferences to the system. Allows buyers to shop in an easy & fast way.

Less Marketing Spends

Marketing is the most necessary factor in generating more sales and it is expensive. With help of push notifications, you can send promotional offers including flash offers, mega sales, and new arrivals.   

This you can contact your buyers regularly by spending less & generating more sales for your Shopify store.

Best MobiApp- Mobile App Builder For Your Shopify App

MobiApp is a popular Shopify app that provides the best user interface & user experience to buyers. It didn’t require coding knowledge to build your Shopify mobile app. Easy to customize as per your requirements.

Feature of MobiApp

Endless Push Notification

It takes your marketing to another level with push notifications. With MobiApp you can send endless notifications for tremendous results for the businesses. 

Engaging push notifications trigger the highest conversion and sales. Customers know about your new arrivals, best sales, discounts and coupons in an easy manner. This is the best marketing strategy for a successful business.

Customize App Layout

Easy drag & drop widget the dashboard to finalize the layout that suits your business. The dashboard comes in all widgets like adding products, banners, menus, social media & so on to build your seamless mobile app. You can preview the app before going live.

Faster Checkout

Checkout is the most important step for conversion rate optimization. With MobiApp you will get fast checkout options in a safe & secure way. The quick checkout process generates more sales and revenue. 

Multilingual & Currency Switcher

Language could create problems for international buyers. MobiApp solves this problem to help shoppers to do shopping in their native language.

A currency switcher is a great way to attract international customers to understand product prices in a few clicks. MobiApp has the options of all leading currencies to select around the world. Merchants can add or remove the currency switcher from the dashboard based on their requirements.

Supports iOS & Android

If your app does not support iOS & android then there is no use for it. Make your app will supports iOS & android for delivering the best mobile shopping experience to the buyers. MobiApp never compromises on this issue. It gives your flawless shopping experience with less bounce rate.  


Start your journey with Mcommerce means a fully functional mobile app that is simple to build & easy to use. MobiApp is the best mobile app builder in the Shopify Apps for building beautiful mobile apps that suits your business.


MobiApp is the most optimized and scalable app that helps you create a customized mobile app for your Shopify store. With this app, you can send unlimited push notifications. Display your products & collections with a top-notch mobile shopping experience. Install this app now to get more profit.

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