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Did you know that notetaking results in about 13% higher test achievement than not taking notes, especially when combined with cued lecturing?

While attending class, you must have noticed students writing in their notebooks, cell phones or laptops. This note-making process helps students and learners gain understanding and mind-map their way through. Note-making is an effective practice that helps to prepare during exams. Such a practice is essential as it brings clarity and effectively manages time productively. If the notes are well prepared and organized, it can make preparing for exams a trouble-free journey. It speeds up the process and decreases exam pressure. Not only does it increase academic performance, but it also improves memory and thinking.

Due to the tech-savvy classrooms, students have advanced making notes in notebooks to laptops. Some use cell phone applications or other devices to make notes. According to a study, about 42% of the time, students multitask and have non-course-related software applications open and active on their laptops. Assignment writing gets much easier when there are pre-written notes.

Students use the notetaking method for assignment help.

How to Make Effective Notes:

  1. Use headers, subheadings, bullet points

  • This eases understandability.
  • When put into bullet points, use simple, precise and concise language.
  • It makes the assignment writing look presentable.
  • Writing lengthy statements makes reading and understanding the topics complex. Instead, use simple, short sentences.
  • Colour-code it for better memorization.
  1. Use abbreviations

  • While making classroom notes, it is challenging to pen down every word the speaker says. You must increase your writing speed.
  • It is better to break down words and use abbreviations to catch up with speed.
  • Break the topics into minor digestible points to ease understanding. Make use of bullet points, headers and sub headers for this.
  • Don’t write everything the speaker says. Eliminate unnecessary information.
  1. Use examples

  • Use examples wherever you can. Models make learning a complex topic much more effortless.
  • It helps in quickly remembering the issue.
  1. Go through notes regularly

  • Going through notes periodically is an effective way to grasp the concept.
  • By writing and rewriting notes, one can retain information.
  • Include pictures, diagrams and graphs. Visual representations aid in learning by heart.
  1. Create Mind-maps

  • It allows you to know a topic in depth.
  • It makes work look organized and straightforward.
  1. Create flashcards

  • You can use small flashcards to note important points and concepts.
  • Write small, digestible information.
  • For more information, you can repeat flashcards. It creates an overall picture of the idea.
  1. Use Cornell method

  • It divides notes into three or four main parts: (1) Key ideas, evidence (2) source details. (3) your opinions or takeaways (4) summary of the concept
  • This method helps you gain an in-depth understanding and interact with the concept.
  • It helps you develop your interpretations.

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