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Perfect Chocolates for Your Family & Friends – A Delicious Guide

Send Imported Chocolates to Extra Sweet Friends

Christmas is around the corner, and it is the best time to remember your friends. All you need is to feel cozy with your family. Or spend time with your dearest buddies. These best chocolate gift ideas are as sweet and special as your friends. We tell you the best imported chocolates you can gift to your dear ones. With the online stores delivering these incredible chocolates, it is simple to get them. 

Multitudes of Christmas gifts are available on the shelves of the stores. Most of us wait until the festival arrives to start buying gifts. Thanks to online chocolate and snacks delivery, we are never too late to shop. If you are not lucky enough to be with your dear ones, you can still send them your wishes by sending something sweet. You can make your chocolate gifts sweeter by sending some rare foreign brands. These extraordinary gifts will make your relations stronger and sweeter than ever. For example, you can easily buy Twix bars in India.  

Best Chocolate Gift Ideas to Convey your Wishes to your Loved One

As we said before, it is now possible to send imported chocolate online in India within a few days. You will come across many stores delivering chips, candies, Kitkat Dairy Milk, and spreads online. They are ready to deliver in almost all the cities across the country. 

If you want to send an extraordinary gift, why not choose luxurious chocolates. Especially when you can now get Hershey cookies and cream in India. Here are some top foreign chocolates you can order online to give a perfect Christmas treat to someone.

  • Twix 

Send luscious Twix chocolate online in India to gift something different than usual chocolates. This crispy cookie covered with caramelized milk chocolate in a golden wrapper makes a perfect gift of love. Nothing can be more delectable than a bar of rare chocolate. Especially when it is wrapped in the love and concern for your loved ones. 

  • Hershey’s

Hershey is an American confectionery giant. Fortunately, we can get hold of Hershey’s milk chocolate in India from online stores. You can simply order from your devices and luscious chocolate gifts or candy boxes are home delivered. Either you can gift Hershey’s bars or a Miniature Bag filled with candy bars and chocolate bars. Imagine the fun of surprising kids in your family with this lovely bag of the sweetest candies and chocolate. 

  • Terry Chocolate Orange

Terry’s round chocolates are perfect for Christmas celebrations. Surprise your friends by sending gifts of these unique foreign chocolates. With its tangy orange flavor, Terry is a delightful munch anytime. 

  • Reese’s Nut Bar

Reese’s Nut bar is a fruity and nutty treat for any chocolate lover. Crispy cookies are wrapped with milk chocolate and caramel. This delightful bar is ideal for both parties and festivals. Gifting Reese’s international chocolates to your loved ones will bring lots of smiles and satiation to them. 

  • Toblerone

A very, very famous Swiss delight is loved by the entire world. These triangular bars can be a luxurious gift for any occasion. Be it birthday or anniversary or valentines day, send imported chocolates online to celebrate. 

You may also choose from other foreign brands like Milka, Lindt, Guylian, and Godiva. Apart from milk chocolates, you can also send dark chocolates to those who avoid high sugar and fat. With multiple varieties available, we have optimum freedom to choose and skip. 

6 Reasons Why Chocolates Are Best Gifts for Christmas Season

The choices and expectations of every palate are unique. Yet chocolate is truly everyone’s favorite. Nothing is as good as chocolate to lift your spirits at once. Here are some best reasons why they make a perfect gift. 

Stand for Love and Care

They are much more than a dessert. Chocolates are gifted to express love and concern. Gradually, it is now a modern-day tradition to send chocolates to send warm wishes and love. In the times when words are replaced by emoticons, it is often difficult to express your feelings. A simple gesture of sending chocolate shows how you care for someone’s happiness.

Fascinating Looks and Packaging

Looks always make a first impression. Chocolates are mostly packaged in beautiful and dazzling wrappers. They are also available in cute shapes like small cubes, bars, round triangles, and hearts. A single glance at a chocolate bar is enough to attract you.

Everyone’s Favourite

It is almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t love chocolate. This simple and sweet food unites the world regardless of age, region, and religion. We won’t be exaggerating if we call it food that is also a global language of love and care.

Affordable Luxury

Chocolates are desserts and hence something that people offer on special days. The best thing about toffees, bars, and candies is that they are very affordable and yet perfect for festivals and occasions. It is simple to send Hershey’s dark chocolate in India as well. 

Chocolates are Everywhere

It is super simple to buy chocolates no matter where you are. Every retail store is selling chocolates and they are present in every nook and corner. Also, it is simple to buy international chocolates online. Countless brands like Cadbury’s, Amul, Hershey’s, and Toblerone are also available.

Simple to Store

Chocolates are very simple to store as they are handy. Also, we can store them at room temperature for a long time. Due to fat and sugar, they are quite stable and if stored in refrigerators, they will last for many months without any deterioration.   


Without chocolates, gifting could have been very difficult. It is undoubtedly the cutest way to convey your feelings to your loved ones. Though they are available with every grocer, online gifting has made buying chocolates a breeze. Sending chocolates to someone was never so easy. No matter how busy you are, a few minutes on your screen will do! We have dozens of online stores delivering the best local and imported chocolates anywhere in India. 

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