Pro Tips For Writing An Impact Statement

Crime Impact assessments in the UK began in Manchester in 2006. These were introduced for effective construction plans that would be well immune to the chances of any criminal activity. 

To this day, impact statements are required for legal proceedings of huge projects. The people involved in a construction plan request the people in position for the impact statements to understand the environment (social and geographical) where they are planning to build a new building supposedly housing flats or malls or restaurants etc. Sometimes they can share their evaluation and input with the local officers and bring them into an agreement of carrying on with the construction project. 

But what are impact statements in general?

There goes a lot in bringing your theorized project into practical reality. One has to convince a cabinet of stakeholders and make sure that they get their approval, and funds are supplied to them. The impact statement is just about these things. It is a brief report one writes to tell the importance of their project and how it is capable of sorting out the issues that might be suspicious. 

They can pertain to construction projects, research objectives and other strategies. If someone wants to write an impactful impact statement, then there are few tips that they can use to convince a committee of the effectiveness of their project and their strategic plans to achieve their goal. 

Here are the six tips that one can use.

Clarity of your Proposal

If one has done proper research on their project, it should be easy to explain it in a clear way. Clarity is crucial to express the purpose of your project, and the aftermath of your plans before they are being brought to practicality. If a proposal fails to explain vividly the problem it is discussing that means all the hard work done on the project will go to waste. 

Mention your solution

If you are taking any actions with regards to an existing problem in a particular area be it for your construction or a research field, mention your solution. One should present the solutions that their project is aiming for to eliminate a certain problem after they have introduced the problems at the beginning of the impact statement. This is known as the statement of the action. It will help the reader to shift his focus and analysis on your actions.

An Explanation of the Impact

This is by far the most important part of the impact statement. Once you have introduced the problem addressed in your proposal, and given a brief account of the actions you are taking to resolve that problem, you show your audience how your proposed solutions would make an impact. This is where you learn the standing of your project and its value. You have to prove through convincing facts and logic that your designed project will overcome an existing problem or fill a research gap. 

This portion plays a vital role in getting your impact statement into admittance. 

Other people at the table with you

Mentioning other people who have helped you in your project work or research is important too. This brings credibility to your work. If you have worked with A-listers or gotten any form of help from people with a good repertoire, you are most likely going to need security assessment. It tells the respective people that you have done and analyzed your project thoroughly. 

Do not forget your Personal Information

It is mandatory to mention some contact information about yourself. You have to leave your contact number or email, so they can reach you. If they have any concerns, or any announcement to make to you, be it of acceptance or rejection. They should be able to reach out. 

Sometimes people write a brief background of their personal life in the impact statement. However, it is not a compulsory part of the impact statement. 


 We have made sure to use the word ‘brief’, in all of the mentioned tips. Brevity is a prerequisite to writing a good impact statement. Too many details will bore the audience and either the writer. Or the reader will drift away from the focal point of the impact statement. Hence, it is quite important to stick to the point and use as many words as required. Many people use difficult vocabulary in their impact statements. But they hardly impress upon the department that deals with your impact statement. 


Keeping your impact statement adhered to the mentioned format or tips, one would be able to write clear impact statements. The impact statements are the final phases of your project coming into reality, therefore should be dealt with a calm mind with all details about the project sorted out. In research, the impact statements must include authentic data to be granted acceptance.

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