QR Codes Marketing Campaign: The Power Of Marketing Technology

QR codes are becoming more popular as a means of facilitating transactions, establishing direct connections between businesses and customers, and acquiring first-party data. QR codes are expected to become more widely used in practically every business sector in the future.

Furthermore, as the use of touchless transactions becomes more common, the majority of firms are adopting QRcode flyers and incorporating them into their websites and products.

But, did you know that, in addition to allowing simple transactions, QR codes may also be an effective brand promotion tool?

According to a 2019 survey by Blue Bite, QR codes saw a 28 percent increase in user growth, with a 35 percent increase in usage. In fact, QR codes have a lot of room for marketing growth because only 4% of consumers utilize them for purchases internationally.

We all know that a product’s popularity isn’t a guarantee of its performance. As a result, we’ve included plenty of statistics and examples in our article so you can see for yourself whether QR codes are a yes or no for you.

The Most Effective Ways to Use QR Codes for Business Marketing

Increasing the Number of Visitors to Your Website on a Regular Basis

Perhaps your print ad does not provide all of the necessary information about your product. Here, a QR code can be used to lead viewers to your website’s product landing page. They’ll learn everything there is to know about the product, including its description, ordering process, and price range. They will return to your site for future purchases because of the convenience.

QR codes on your brand’s flyers can be used to link to the product page of your eCommerce website for this purpose.

Using a reputable QR code generator website, you should generate a QR code for your business that matches your marketing goals.

According to Statista, there were estimates that the United States alone will have approximately 11 million QR code flyer scans by homes. This means your selling page has a chance of receiving at least 11 million visitors. Why not take a chance and provide QR codes that direct them to your website?

Increasing the Number of People Who Follow You on Social Media

You must be aware of the power of social media for business growth up to this point. Link social media QR codes on your items to your social media pages, such as Instagram or Facebook, to leverage QR codes as marketing material.

Also, don’t be afraid to urge your customers to provide a product review or to tag your company with the item they purchased. These are a fantastic method to get user-generated material and expand your company’s social media reach.

According to statistics, 90% of shoppers look for online reviews before making a purchase.

Downloads of Apps

If your company has an app, but not many users have downloaded it, a QR code can help.

In fact, QR codes can accelerate downloads faster than any other method. According to Chick-fil-data, A’s downloads of its brand-based app with QR codes increased by 14%.

In this case, a QR code will assist you in directing viewers to the marketing funnel via the mobile application. However, you’ll need a well-thought-out approach to do so. Check out how Burger King accomplished the same thing during the 2016 Halloween season.

Increasing the Size of Your Email List

QR codes should be printed on your business cards, ads, and billboards. Ask your consumers to sign up for incentives when they scan coupon QR codes to obtain discounts on your products. You’ve just cleverly persuaded them to join your email list. You did an excellent job!

You can now move forward with your email list strategy to improve your marketing. For example, now a larger audience is aware of new product releases, promotions, limited editions, and other events.

Giving Out Your Contact Information

You can share your business information, such as address, email, and phone numbers, using the VCard QR code. You can change the contact information on dynamic QR codes as many times as you wish.

Business cards can be used as QR code flyers. Do not use static QR codes to share contacts; instead, use dynamic QR codes.

Simply build a new QR code for your business by signing up for a QR code generator online tool and learning some QR code principles.

Increasing Customer Engagement After Purchase

You can develop QR codes expressly for collecting consumer feedback, allowing them to rate and review your products and services.

Make it even better by linking these QR codes to discount coupons, which will encourage customers to return to you for future transactions.

Figures on the Influence of Online Reviews

According to Oberlo’s research, approximately 9 out of 10 purchasers prefer to read reviews before purchasing a product or service. In fact, almost 72% of participants said that they trust online reviews as much as they trust their close friends’ counsel. To increase client trust by providing them with genuine testimonials from other customers.

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