QuickBooks Error PS036: Here’s How You Can Fix It

Getting an error while working on QuickBooks is a common occurrence. One of the commonly occurring error codes is the error PS036. If you are having trouble verifying your payroll subscription and you are unable to install payroll updates, we have a fix for this error. In this article, we are going to discuss the QuickBooks error PS036 in detail along with its reasons and solutions to help you perform your payroll functions smoothly.

In case you are unable to troubleshoot the error or need help with the same, you can contact our technical team at +1-855-856-0042 for assistance.

Reasons for the Error PS036: Cannot Verify Payroll Subscription

Possible reasons for the QuickBooks payroll update error PS036 are –

  • Expired payroll subscription.
  • Incorrect service key or invalid EIN.
  • The Paysub.ini file is corrupted.
  • Outdated QuickBooks application or supporting windows components.
  • PSID in your company file is incorrect.

Resolving the QuickBooks Error PS036             

Fix we can’t verify your payroll subscription issue by following the steps below –

Fix 1: Validate your Payroll Subscription

Verify your payroll subscription to ensure that it isn’t inactive.

  1. Install the latest version of QuickBooks and Tax Table release followed by signing into your Payroll Service account.
  2. Click Employee > My Payroll Services > Account/Billing Information.
  3. Navigate to Payroll Details on the Payroll Account Management Portal.
  4. Check the accuracy of the EIN and click on Edit.
  5. Make any changes required and click Update > Close.

Fix 2: Renaming the Paysub.ini File

This will force QuickBooks to create a new file and help fix the PS036 error.

  1. Click Organize on My Computer. Click on Folder and Search Option and open the View
  2. Checkmark the Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives option in the Hidden Files and Folders
  3. Click Apply > OK.
  4. Then search ini on My Computer, right-click and rename it.
  5. Change the extension from .ini to .old.

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Fix 3: QuickBooks installation in Selective Startup Mode

It will help fix the installation issues responsible for the error PS036.

  1. Firstly, create a backup of your company file. Then press Windows + R and type MSConfig in the appeared text box.
  2. Go to the General tab and select the Load Systems Services and Selective Startup
  3. Select the Hide all Microsoft Services option on the Services Click on Disable all and uncheck the Hide all Microsoft Services option. Click OK. This will switch Windows to Selective Startup Mode.
  4. After that, press Windows + R and type cpl. Press Enter.
  5. Select QuickBooks Desktop from the installed programs list and click on Uninstall/Change.
  6. Select Remove > Next.
  7. Once QuickBooks is uninstalled, restart Windows.
  8. Now, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop by running the exe file. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the installation.
  9. For the last step, press Windows + R and type MSConfig. Press Enter and go to the General
  10. Select Normal Startup Mode > OK > Restart.

Rerun payroll update to check whether the issue is resolved.


The above steps will help you fix the QuickBooks error PS036. If the error persists even after performing troubleshooting, you can reach out to our technical team for assistance at +1-855-856-0042.

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