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R vs Matlab: Key Difference Between R & Matlab

R vs Matlab: Key Difference Between R & Matlab

Are you interested in knowing the comparison between R vs Matlab? Would you like to know the major differences that no one will tell between the two languages? If yes, then you don’t need to go anywhere, you are just in the right place. We know that R language vs Matlab language has always been a difficult subject for students. That is why they search for R assignment help online. 

In this blog, we will cover the meanings of R and Matlab, and the difference between them.

What is R?

R is the most popular open-source programming language. The R is widely used for graphics and statistical computation.

In addition, the R programming language supports several statistical graphics. It plays a vital role in machine learning with its statistical and graphical capabilities.

Moreover, the R language includes various libraries to implement an extensive variety of graphical and statistical techniques. Basically, these techniques include clustering, machine learning algorithms, time-series analysis, and many more.

What is Matlab?

Matlab is a very popular software for mathematical computation. Scientists and engineers mainly use it. In other words, Matlab stands for the matrix laboratory. Matlab was developed by the Mathworks company.

In addition, it is a multi-paradigm computer environment as well as an exclusive programming language. Matlab usually is dedicated to technical computing and mathematics. That’s why Matlab is used broadly by scientists and engineers.

As the name suggests, Matlab allows us to perform different functions such as matrix manipulation. Apart from this, we can plot data and functions in it.

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Key Difference Between R vs Matlab

There are some Key differences between R vs Matlab languages, ​​which are as follows.


R can run on any operating system like Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, and many more because it is an open-source programming language. It does not have any license version. You can also run CRAN tests to make sure whether the R package will work on your operating system.

Whereas, Matlab does not allow you to run the same license version on various operating systems. Because Matlab comes with the restriction of one software installation on one PC. You can’t install the same license on another PC. Because it uses the machine address to recognize the installation.

Class and object

Both R and Matlab languages both include some features to support object-oriented programming languages. But the difference in R vs Matlab is of class.

The Matlab class has been defined as the folder or directory of function. The use of these functions to work with the object of the class.

On the other hand, R provides a package for defining the class.

Easy to learn

R programming language is especially tough if you don’t have any programming background. Likewise, most programming languages have unique syntax, loops, decision-making statements, and many more.

On the other hand, Matlab is especially easier compared to R programming.

Machine learning

Both R vs Matlab programming languages are very efficient in machine learning. For machine learning, the R language has library sets. Whereas, Matlab includes statistics and a machine learning toolbox.

These toolboxes are usually more helpful to explore data, validation schemes, select features, and many more.


The use of Matlab for different math aspects such as plotting graphs, calculus, and many more.

Whereas the use of R programming language to solve the statistics problem. For this, this language provides different prepackaged programs. These programs usually help to solve analytical problems.


Matlab is faster to perform tasks such as statistics, technical computing tasks, and machine learning.Whereas, R programming language will get the same results fast in comparison to Matlab.

Add-on products

Matlab is a licensed product thus, it offers many add-ons products. The use of add-on products for many purposes in Matlab.

On the other hand, the programming language does not have any add-on products to perform some work. Apart from this, R has a lot of packages. The use of these packages to perform the different tasks in the program.


Between these two R vs Matlab programming languages, R moves ahead because of its affordability. The R programming language is open-source, so the user does not have to pay for it. This language is free for all.

Whereas, Matlab is an approved product so the user must pay a small amount to use it. In addition, the Matlab license is also different from its type of software. Through MathWorks, it is licensed.

Preferred language

The expert preferred Matlab for many universities for math students and engineering. While doing data analysis in most industries R language is preferred.


In the guide above, we have already compared R vs Matlab. I hope you have understood the difference between these two languages.

We have seen the R programming language is very useful in education. On the other hand, Matlab is very useful in the industry. R is one of the most popular and best statistical languages. You can easily do almost every statistical calculation with the R programming language.

Whereas, extensive use of Matlab for math calculations.. It is much easier to learn than the R programming language. But students find it difficult in learning Matlab because of its complexity and if they get assignment writing on it they will get goosebumps. So, they search for Matlab assignment help from online experts.

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