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Rajio Taiso: Japanese Morning Exercise Routine

Japanese Morning Exercise

Rajio Taiso, translating to “radio calisthenics,” is a 10-minute workout program broadcast on NHK (Nihon Housou Kyoukai), Japan’s public broadcasting station, that guides warm-up exercises while playing piano music. Bu web sayfası ile beraber istanbul escort bayanlara ulaşarak randevu alabilmek çok kolay. Rajio Taiso is an exercise designed for anyone, at any age, to do it by themselves. There is also a version that allows us to do it while seated, so everyone from children to the elderly can join in. It is noted as a simple and effective exercise that uses the muscles of the whole body with simple motions.

Rajio Taiso, also referred to as Radio Tasio, is an integral part of Japanese culture. Its significance can even be observed by foreigners who come to Learn Japanese Language.

The History Of Rajio Taiso In Japan

Rajio Taiso originally stems from the United States. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. created radio calisthenics in the 1920s to inspire Americans to start their day with some light, healthy exercise primarily aimed at improving the health of the soldiers.

The same idea was first introduced to Japan in 1928 to celebrate the coronation of Emperor Hirohito. The purpose of Radio Taiso was designed to keep Japanese soldiers and women, and children at home fit and healthy.

But, after Japan’s surrender in 1945, Radio Taiso was temporarily banned by the occupying powers, deeming it too hostile. However, the original exercises were altered and significantly more entertaining when NHK resumed the practice in 1951. Since then, Radio Taiso has remained a popular morning activity in Japan.

Radio Taiso Exercise in Modern Japan

Modern-day Radio Taiso airs without fail every morning at 6:30 on the NHK wave. A gentle but upbeat male voice begins the steady warm-up exercises to the beat of a cheerful piano tune.

Rajo Taiso is used in nearly every school in Japan. During physical education lessons and sports day events, this is how they warm-up. Even businesses use this to improve employee morale and promote good health.

The Benefits Of Rajio Taiso

Starting the day with rajio taiso has numerous benefits.

For starters, the exercises can help a person assess their body’s state and determine their physical limits. It can also help bring discipline to a person’s life by building a routine.

Early morning exercises can also help with posture, circulation, and metabolism. Because of these advantages, many organizations and workplaces perform these exercises in the mornings or after lunch.

Rajio Tasio Exercise Routine

The whole rajio taiso exercise program is divided into two sections, including 13 different motions for approximately three minutes.

The first section is called Radio Exercise part one or “Rajio Taisou Dai ichi.” (ラジオ体操第1) which aims to improve physical strength regardless of age. The second half targets a younger generation, mainly for training muscles and is called the Radio Exercise part two or “Rajio Taisou Dai ni.” (ラジオ体操第2).


Regular exercise is required for a healthy life, but it isn’t easy to exercise regularly in today’s fast-paced society. However, incorporating Rajio taiso (Radio Calisthenics) into the daily routine may help individuals of all ages stay healthy and make a significant impact in their lives.

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