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Repair Damaged PST File – 2022 Latest Guide for Best Results

Outlook is popular for being one of the most user-friendly & successful email clients of all time. However, its PST files are fragile & easily get corrupted if not handled with care. Thereafter, users have to repair damaged PST file in order to get back the crucial data files they have lost.

Today in this article we’re going to discuss automated and manual solutions to repair corrupted data files of Outlook. This recovery process isn’t easy without the right skills, technical knowledge, and tools. Users’ most asked ScanPST .exe solution is also mentioned below.

Let’s start with the reasons or causes that can corrupt a .pst data file followed by the effective solutions available.

Critical Needs for Learning How to Repair PST File in Outlook

Users can end up corrupting their data files due to various reasons that are mentioned below. However, some minor precautions can simply reduce users’ hassle. Moving ahead, below are the causes that can become a major reason for the PST file corruption.

  • Transferring of Bulk PST files with at one having heavy data files in it. Most of the PST files get corrupt while transferring. Hence, users must pay attention while transferring their fragile PST data files.
  • Oversized PST files are more likely to get corrupt than a normal PST file. This is why experts advise users not to stuff up their PST files with data. As an alternative, they should split their files into two or more parts to reduce the risk of corruption.
  • A sudden shutdown of the system or a power cut can result in PST file corruption. To prevent such issues, users should shut down the Outlook application properly & must install an inverter for a power backup.
  • Outlook crashing or Windows crashing can also corrupt a PST data file. We get a lot of cases in which the system crashes & also corrupts their files. Hard drive crashing & bad sectors are also a contribution here.
  • Last but not least, Cyber attacks. PST files are fragile & cyber attacks like Virus infection, malware, ransomware, hacking, etc can corrupt them. This is why you must have effective firewalls & antivirus installed on your system. 

Automated Approach to Repair Damaged PST File

The automated approach, also known as the modern method is the best solution in this case. Here, users just need to download the Microsoft Outlook PST Repair Tool & then follow the steps mentioned below.

Step-1. Click Add File button & add the PST files in the software. 

step-1 repair damaged PST file

Step-2. Select Quick or Advance Scan option based on the level of corruption.


Step-3. Select Corrupted PST Files you want to repair & recover.


Step-4. Set advance filters like Date & Category Filters for selective repair.


Step-5. Browse the Destination Location & then Set the File Format option.


Step-6. Hit the Export button at the bottom right corner to begin the repair.


What Features Make the Modern Approach Better than Others

The automated tool we discussed is full of advanced features that can solve users’ misery. This tool is dedicatedly meant to repair damaged PST file & then recover them in the user’s preferred location.

It is capable of all this because of the rigorous coding & AI algorithms that are a result of years of research & hard work. Below are some of the key highlights mentioned in this tool for a better understanding of the entire operation.

  • Ability to repair damaged PST file with any level of file corruption from the data file.
  • Users can repair bulk files in one go & there’s not even a size limitation on PST files.
  • Multiple options like PST, PDF, MSG, EML,HTML & Office 365 to export fixed files.
  • Password-protected &  encrypted PST files can also be repaired using this utility.
  • The advanced utility is compatible with all versions of the MS Outlook application.
  • Windows 11(64Bit) & below are supported by this automated utility. 

The ScanPST Method & its Shortcomings Together

Let’s learn how to repair PST file using the ScanPST method requested by the users. Its benefits & drawbacks are also mentioned just below the solutions.

This ScanPST .exe is present in your Outlook program files but its location differs on the basis of the Outlook version that you are currently using. You can check out the location of this .exe file in your Outlook version based on the below image.

SCanPST Location Path

Open the utility & follow the steps carefully.

Step-1. Click on the Browse button to add PST files with corrupted data.

Manual Step-1

Step-2. Now to begin the scanning of corrupted files, Click on the Start button.

Manual Step-2

Step-3. Hit the Repair button to start the process of filing these corrupted files.

Manual Step-3

Step-4. Finally, Click on the Ok button to finish the task.

Manual Step-4

This utility has several drawbacks as mentioned below. This is the reason why users should not learn how to repair PST file manually.

  • ScanPSt method does not repair bulk files at once. It can only process one file at a time.
  • Users can only repair the header part & other minor level corruption issues with this method.
  • There’s a limitation of 2Gb file size that can be repaired using this manual method of ScanPST.
  • No feature is available to recover the lost data items. Only repair is possible with several limitations.
  • ScanPST crashes on the major corrupted PS files & can even lose the files permanently.
  • It lacks features like date filter & category filter. Moreover, it creates various structural changes to PSt files.

In A Nutshell

After learning the manual & automated methods to repair damaged PST file, users can say that they can easily repair their files & prevent their work from getting disturbance in between. As per expert advice, the automated solution is the best solution for this operation and must not be ignored.

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