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Respect others online on Instagram 

Respect others online on Instagram 

Along with Instagram’s kind instructions, they also want to respect their members.
Instagram will remove any content that includes threats, hate speech,
targeting private individuals for humiliation or embarrassment, blackmail, harassment, and repeated unwanted messages.
In fact, if you feel that this has happened to you more than you would like, you can turn off your comment sections to limit unwanted comments.
On the other hand, Instagram “generally allows” stronger conversations about celebrities,
more influential people, and politicians, because they believe that choosing this person for a job is very public.
Instagram does not tolerate bullying based on gender, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, national origin, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or illness.
Instagram celebrates a diverse platform and wants it to remain a safe space for everyone.
Threats are also not tolerated, whether they are theft, vandalism, or financial loss.

Do not praise self-harm

Instagram faced strong reactions to its calm guidelines last year when young people could easily access their accounts and hurt images.
Doing so now is against the guidelines of their community.
Instagram realizes that the operating system is the place where people come together in difficult times. Often,
Instagram brings people together so that others have friends and people to talk to to find out what they are experiencing.
Of course, it is not a problem to talk about your personal trip as harmful until it is praised.
However, accepting self-harm is against the association’s guidelines. If the account is reported, Instagram will delete this type of content and disable accounts that do so.

Be careful when sharing newsworthy content

When something important happens in the news, social networks pick it up quickly.
While this is important for raising awareness, photos and graphics violate Instagram community guidelines.
It is important to remember that young people are also present in this operating system.
Instagram adds, “We understand that people often share this type of content to condemn, raise awareness or educate.
If you are sharing content for these reasons, we encourage you to post your photo with a graphic violence warning.
Sharing graphic images for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate violence is never allowed. “ژ

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Overview of Instagram community instructions

In general, the instructions of the Instagram community are quite clear and should not be too difficult to follow.
As long as you follow the law, remember the age limit of the program and maintain your respect, you must be very clear.
If you see someone violating these guidelines, you can easily report the account or post it to Instagram.
Remember to use Instagram to share pictures, videos, and positive and important content. This is a platform to encourage creativity and kindness.

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