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Riyadh Park Mall: Location, Timings, Shops, and Entertainment Options

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Riyadh Park Mall provides locals and tourists with a unique shopping experience. It is the newest, and largest shopping center in Riyadh city. Spread over two floors this trendy mall, features various stores selling luxury goods and accessories for men and women, including fashion, cosmetics, jewels, electronic appliances, and more. At the Riyadh Park mall, tourists can have the ultimate experience with their families. Riyadh Park Mall Location is in the center of the city and encompasses Carrefour supermarket, furniture shops, restaurants, and world-class cafés. Built-in an area of 132,000 m2 with a Gross Leasable Area of 92,000 m2. The mall is designed in a way that it has turned out to be an unparalleled shopping, entertainment, and leisure destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Riyadh Park Mall Location


Located in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s Capital Riyadh. Riyadh Park Mall’s location is at the intersection of Northern Ring Road and prince Mohammed bin Saad bin Abdulaziz Road, and in the proximity of King Abdullah Financial City.

The Riyadh Park Mall located at the center of the city makes it accessible from all major neighborhoods. It is effortless to understand the direction of the mall. Once one reaches the intersection of Prince Mohammed bin Saad bin Abdulaziz and Northern Ring roads. There are several cabs that are also easily available to and from the mall. Mall also has a big space for car parking, for those coming in their cars.

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Riyadh Park Mall Timings 

From Saturday to Thursday, the mall opens in the morning from 10 am and closes at 11 pm. But on Fridays because of Friday prayer or Jummah prayer, the mall opens at 2 pm and closes at the same time which is 11 pm.

Riyadh Park Mall Shops

For shopping lovers, Riyadh Park Mall is a one-stop solution.  The Mall is an upscale shopping hub. It has world-renowned brands in different categories, all under one roof, for tourists as well as locals shopping at Riyadh mall Park is an amusing experience. There are multiple options available for shoppers in popular categories like fashion for men, women, and children accessories, home decor, sports and fitness, electronics, beauty, makeup, and more. Some of the top fashion brands that one can find for men and women here are Aidan Mattox, American Eagle, Balmain, Etam, Poca and Pica, Milano, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Lacoste, Puma, Giordano, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Longines. Top sports brands include Adidas, Athlete’s Co, Foot Locker, Nike, Debenhams, Hummel, and Reebok. For kids, one can shop at top brands like Carter’s, Bella Baby, Bow’s, Chicco, Tommy Hilfiger, Catmint, Bonnet a Pompon, Alina, and Mother Care.

Riyadh Park Mall Restaurants

While one shops it’s also important to satisfy one appetite. For shoppers who just wish to munch there are many quick or fast food options like Subway, Penny Café, The Coffee Club, Joe’s Café, and McDonald’s. For those who wish to relish the delicacies at the fine dining restaurants with family and friends, the mall has restaurant options like Ritaj Garden, Big Chef, BF Hangers, The Cheesecake Factory, Fire Grill, and Chocolate Martini. Hence Riyadh Park mall offers a wide option of cuisines and quick foods to munch upon. Ranging from fast food counters to fine dining restaurants, one can choose as per mood and preference. 

Riyadh Park Mall Cinema

For Cinema lovers, Riyadh Park Mall has VOX Cinemas with IMAX technology and a surround sound system running major box office hits. With multiple screens, the cinema provides numerous choices and show timings to choose from as per one’s convenience. Hence Riyadh Park Mall Cinema ultimately raises the bar for entertainment standards.

Other Entertainment Options

In addition to cinema, shopping, and restaurant options. Riyadh Mall Park also has many options for the entertainment of kids and elders such as. Magic Planet along with Little Explorers, Lego Specialist, Mystery Museum, Spar Time, Ya Bowling, Early Learning Center, and Fox. These are all ideal places for kids to enjoy fun rides and games. 

Recently opened in Riyadh Park Mall Museum of Illusions houses over 80 mind-bending illusions that are fun for all age groups. The Museum of illusions offers an immersive journey into the world that makes you forget stereotypes. It takes on average about 45 to minutes to explore all illusions. 

Riyadh Park location provides easy access to all. It stands apart from its competitors due to its commitment to addressing each of our visitors’ individual needs. Whether one visits the mall for shopping, family entertainment, or your choice of 70 restaurants and cafés, the overall arrangement and choice will ensure that the visit will be full of fun.  Riyadh Park mall offers the world’s most famous brands. Considering each visitor’s needs and expectations, each brand at the mall has been carefully selected.

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