Sar Pass Trek: Complete Trekking Guide


Mountaineering in India’s Himalayas seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip that combines experience and self-realization! You will not only see several stunning sights, but you are also going to rediscover yourself in the majesty of the Himalayan mountain range! Understand that we are conquering oneself, not just the mountaintop. If you keep heading more toward the mountain, you will eventually obtain it. If exploration and hiking are your passions, then this would be the perfect option to just get away from the chaos of the city. Take on the challenge of hiking to Sar Pass, a destination rich in timeless elegance, calm, and challenge.

Soak in the splendor of Kasol’s beautiful landscapes and begin trekking through the lush forest to Grahan Village! Another harder trek through the woods the very next day will lead you to the Nagaru Campsite. Parvati Valley’s breathtaking sights will take your breath away. A journey via Biskeri Thatch mostly in early hours of the morning will lead you to the magnificent Sar pass trek!

Sar Pass Trekking Itinerary

Day 1: Grahan Village to Kasol (2347m)

Assemble with your team in Kasol at a predetermined spot to begin your adventurous Sar pass trip! The simple path to Grahan village, which would be commonly utilized by residents, passes via forested hills. Because the terrain is easy to climb, you will indeed be capable of covering almost all of the distance in a few hours. The terrain gets rough and rocky after entering the Grahan Nahal.

Day 2: Min Thatch to Grahan Village (11,150ft)

Begin your journey at Grahan, to the north of the camping ground. Many people will be encountered along the Min Thatch route. The Min Thatch peak, Nagaru top, and Sar top just on hills are visible after quite a short stroll. You will be walking through the forests on this track. Keep your gang together here because the path becomes much more thick and convoluted. Min Thatch is reached after crossing the beautiful green forest. Again from Min Thatch campground, you can see the Chanderkhani range and several more mountains. Remain in the campsites for dinner as well as the night.

Day 3: Nagaru to Min Thatch (3810m)

After having breakfast, travel across Min Thatch to Nagaru through some kind of pastoral woodland blanketed in frost. This route requires caution because it has steep hills and the snowfall may render the walk tough. After a 4-5 hour relatively challenging climb, you should arrive at the Nagaru campground. Appreciate the breathtaking views of the Parvati valley’s majestic mountains. As night comes, you can see a little shimmering sparkles of Manikaran town. In the evenings, it becomes really cold. Spend the night in the campground.

Day 04: Nagaru to Biskeri Thatch (3353m) via Sar Pass

Early in the morning, arise and bloom to begin your adventure. Hike up the surrounding slopes and take in the breathtaking views of Tosh Valley’s mountains. After just a few hours of hiking, you will approach the summit of the Sar Pass (4222m). The breathtaking sight from the summit of Sar Pass will enchant you! Take considerable time there and appreciate the surroundings. After that, descend to Biskeri and love the scenic slope down into the valley. The nearly half-kilometer downhill slide will offer you with an exciting adventure.

Day 05: Biskeri Thatch to Kasol via Barshaini

Biskeri Thatch offers spectacular views of towering mountain peaks and pine groves. Begin your descent through the deep and dense forest, passing a river, and arriving at Pulga. A brook separates the neighboring villages of Pulga and Tulga. To go to Barshaini Village, traverse the Parvati River bridge. There will also be a vehicle waiting for you to take you to Kasol. Your incredible journey to the Sar pass comes to an end here.

Best time for visiting Sar Pass

From mid-April to mid-June is the best season to hike to Sar Pass. The quantity of snowfall on peaks as well as the path is significantly higher early in the month than it is later in the season.

Minimum threshold of endurance for the journey

The Sar Pass Trek is moderate, and a reasonable degree of fitness is required. The typical average number of hours spent trekking is roughly 6 to 7, and because the terrain is not needlessly convoluted, anybody with minimal or no expertise can complete it. Beginners should, however, practice for a few weeks to obtain a basic degree of endurance.

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