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See these 5 Steps to Mimic your competitor’s SEO

5 Steps to Mimic SEO

5 Steps to Mimic SEO. How is your website traffic looking? Good/Poor? Discover how to tap into your competitor’s SEO strategy to benefit your website and traffic. And avoid mistakes they would have already made and corrected.

Logically, how can you get in front of your competitors if you have no idea what they are doing and what’s working? So are you ready for the 5 Steps to Mimic your competitor’s SEO strategy?

Step 1. The very first step is to identify who they are. When I say who they are, I don’t mean Jane and John the local grocer. I mean who they are online. What the website looks like, how it works, landing pages, etc.

To analyze your competitors landing pages use semrush, ahrefs or spyfu.

Step 2. Once you have made the mapping of how their websites and land pages map together the next step is to identify their work strategy. It’s a game of Tom and Jerry. Competitors are trying to knock you off the top ranking spots and you’re trying to do the same to them.

While it’s good to have people talking about your brand, in the world of SEO backlinks are like gold nuggets. You need to get as many high-quality backlinks as you can pointing back to your website and content

Other sites and people linking to you show your site is trustworthy and they trust you as a business. This is why it’s imperative to know and learn what your competitors are doing so you can step up your process. This isn’t a new gig. Secret shoppers of the past go into retail stores and see what their competitors are selling. It’s just on a new platform.

Step 3. This step is to understand the methodology and structure of their external links. The best way to do this is to view all the backlinks and try and replicate them. Using tools such as ahrefs or semrush

( both have paid and free versions) you can see exactly what backlinks your competitors have. You will find these are a mix of directory listings, blog posts, paid to avert sites, etc. If a big portion is guest blog posting, you can reach out to those sites and ask for a guest blog spot opportunity.


Step 4. Once you find the content that is pushing your competitor’s ranking up, do it better.

If you’ve heard of SEO or are an expert in it, you should know google doesn’t just use keywords to rank websites. The Google algorithm looks at site SEO, site speed, mobile responsiveness, and so on. So we need to spread the net wide. So if you’re looking to get that edge over your competitors, you cant just duplicate their ranking keywords, this isn’t enough. You need to understand their process and improve it in every way that you can.

Look at their website. Study it. See how it flows, what pages they have, what images they have etc.

Step 5. Now how to start driving traffic to your site with social media.

Facebook has recently changed its Facebook ads algorithms, and people are complaining all over that their ads aren’t outreaching as much as they used to, but don’t let this put you off. Social media is powerful, powerful for engaging in real-time and driving traffic to your website. If you’re not using social media you really are missing out on traffic and bringing new customers to your business. Below are some steps to help

  • Create social media calendars for live chats or just to reach out to potential customers
  • Try different platforms as there are many and some may work is better for your business
  • Share visual content. Google loves videos, especially when shared on youtube.
  • use Hashtags
  • Engage with people in your field. Not only for sales but to be active, and answer questions, people are more likely to use your services/purchase from you if you have a good reputation.
  • Share links everywhere you can back to your website.
  • Keep an eye on and monitor your traffic, ahrefs has a good free option for this. so you can compare your old site with the new site, and keep the comparison alive between you and your competitors.

By building an understanding from these steps you can drive more traffic to your website. The steps here aren’t guaranteed in every case, and its intention is to give you a guideline of where to start bumping your website traffic. It also isn’t made to steal your competitor’s traffic, but to build on what’s been done, inspire you to be better, and create better.

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